National Animal of Scotland

National Animal of Scotland

The Unicorn was declared as the national animal of Scotland in the late 1300s. This can be due to the old stories and legends that surround the unicorn. Perhaps it is due to this that the animal was considered to be Scotland’s national animal.  Scotland’s historical strong belief in superstitions and magic might also be the reason behind them declaring the unicorn as the national animal of Scotland.

Unicorn was declared as the national animal of Scotland

Unicorns usually live in green forests and can also be found in low mountain ranges. It is believed that they have invisibility powers, thus becomes difficult to locate them. They spend most of their time hiding, perhaps in fear of hunters who kill them for their valuable horns. The estimate of the unicorn population is around 1500 and 2000 in the world. Unicorns have for a long time been associated with royalty and heraldry making it be chosen as the national animal symbol of Scotland.

Facts about the National Animal of Scotland (Unicorn)

  • Common name: Unicorn
  • Habitat: Green forests
  • Diet: Grass, oats and hay.
  • Average lifespan: Approximately 8900023 years

The unicorn is just an imaginary animal as it is so hard to see it. In the ancient times, the unicorn was worshiped by Babylonians.  They are generally gentle, docile and not aggressive. But can be harmful when they feel threatened. Usually, each of them belongs to a group of between 4 and 5 members. Unlike many other animal species, the unicorn can only have one partner of the opposite sex in their lifetime. As a creature of the gods, the unicorn is considered to be very intelligent.

Founding fathers of Scotland put the image of the unicorn on the country’s coat-of-arms. This might be because of the superstitious nature of Scotland. This can also be the reason why it was declared as the national symbol of Scotland.

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