National Animal Symbol of Guinea

National Animal Symbol of Guinea

National Animal of Guinea is African Elephant. It’s also known as African Forest Elephant. In Africa, two species of elephant is found – African Forest Elephant and African Bush Elephant. The African Bush Elephant is slightly bigger than African Forest Elephant. Guinea’s National Animal is African Forest Elephant. Must be remembered, African Forest Elephant is considered as the biggest land mammals on the earth. Guinea has taken this giant animal as their National Animal symbol of Guinea.

The African Elephant live in the forest and savannah and they found in the central and southern Africa. They take as their food Grass, foods and roots. They are very strong and they can protect themselves very easily. They are being killed by the Human, Lion, and Hyena. However they can save themselves. For this reason, Guinea has made this animal as their National Animal of Guinea.

Facts about National Animal of Guinea:

  • Scientific Name: Loxodontacyclotis
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Proboscidea
  • Family: Elephantidae
  • Genus: Loxodonta
  • Common Name: African Forest Elephant
  • Group: Mammal
  • Colour: Grey, Brown Skin
  • Type: Leather Size (H): 2m – 3m (6.6ft – 9.8ft)
  • Weight: 900 kg – 3,000 kg (1,984 lbs – 6,613 lbs)
  • Top Speed: 39km/h (24 mph)
  • Life Span: 60 – 70 years

The scientific name of Guinea is Loxodontacyclotis and they are from Mammalia class and Chordata phylum. Their skin color stays Grey, Brown. Their leather size is 2m to 30m (6.6ft – 9.8ft). Their weight goes nearly 900 kg to 3,000 kg (1,984 lbs – 6,613 lbs). They can run/walk 39 km/h. Notably, the African elephant’s lifespan goes nearly 60 to 70 years. With this in mind, this heavy elephant is considered as the national symbol of Guinea.

By all means, the African elephant is a giant animal and the biggest in the world. Guinea has held this recognition as their national identity.