New app will revolutionize how you meet people!

New app will revolutionize how you meet people!

New app will revolutionize how you meet people!

Have you ever been bored? Don’t worry, IUSO has the answer!

With the IUSO app, you can create events and join activities, so next time you’re missing players for your weekend soccer game, someone to catch the latest movie with, or want a play date for your kid – just use IUSO.

With just a few clicks, you can make cool new friends to share YOUR best experiences with!

Why another social media app? IUSO incorporates gamification which will make you want to use it every day! The app rewards you!

You create an avatar which can be personalized and developed with points and tier increments. Make your avatar as cool as possible, and be on track to winning clothes, gadgets and awesome prizes. How do you get the points? It’s easy: just join or host events!

Search IUSOapp on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to follow the development of this amazing new app.

Press information

The team behind IUSO are four young entrepreneurs from Copenhagen; Balder Bremer, Kristian Geertsen, MalteLegaard and Christoffer Tybjerg. They draw on their unique combination of experiences from management, IT and professional soccer to develop an app that will serve what people really need

: getting together.

Development of the product will be funded through starting mid-January 2017 where backers can join in making IUSO come to life!

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