norway ice hockey team

norway ice hockey team

The Norway ice hockey team is represents Norway in the international ice hockey. The ice hockey Norway team is controlled by the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association.

Presently, Petter Thoresen is the head coach and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen is the captain of the Norway ice hockey team.

The Norwegian national men’s ice hockey team also called Team Norway who took part at the IIHF World Championships regularly for both men and women.

Norway has participated nine times in the Olympic Games and their best achievement was in Sapporo Olympics in 1972 where they had ended at 8th place.

In the late 1920’s, The Norway was played first ice hockey games in the northern part of the country. in 1932, their first hockey clubs were formed and the first national championship was contended in 1934-35.

Norwegian Ice Hockey Association was established in 1934 and after a year later they had joined with the International Ice Hockey Federation.


Nickname(s) Isbjørnene (The Polar Bears)
Association NIHF
Captain Ole-Kristian Tollefsen
General Manager Bjørn Mathisrud
Head coach Petter Thoresen
Assistants Knut Jorgen Stubdal
Sjur Robert Nilsen
Per-Erik Alcen
Most games Tommy Jakobsen (135)


Norwegian Best Ice Hockey Players

In the list of best ice hockey player of Norway, some names are comes regularly at this moment such as : Bjørn Skaare, Trond Magnussen, Espen Knutsen, Anders Myrvold, Tore Vikingstad.

The engagement of Ronald Pettersson as the national head coach in 1980 heralded an era of Swedish power on Norwegian international ice hockey. In the next nine years, there are four Swedish coaches had appointed in a row took charge of the team which proved to be highly unstable. The 1981 Ice Hockey World Championships were a disappointment for Pettersson.

Wins against Japan and Yugoslavia were hardly enough to avoid relegation from the Pool B. His successor Arne Strömberg was experienced in similar difficulties. In the 1982 World Championships, their worst performance was destroyed by losses against China and Austria.

In 1982, Hans Westberg was the next Swedish coach whose untraditional methods lead Norway in the 1984 Winter Olympics. The major prospect of the Olympic competition was only partially met as the draw against the United States by 3–3 being the most remarkable result. In the next season they ended the 1985 World Championships as dropped out from the Pool B for the third time.

The Norwegian Ice Hockey Association was adopting the international ice hockey rules and regulations after formation and then became one of the members of the International Ice Hockey Federation but their poor finances had delayed the structure of a national team in anticipation of 1937 and interrupted its development till the Second World War.

After nonparticipation on the 1935 World Championships and the 1936 Winter Olympics, the National Ice Hockey Foundation managed to raise enough funds to launch a team to the London for 1937 World Championships.


Q: When hockey started at Norway?

A: Norwegian Ice Hockey was started in 1934.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Norway?

A: Currently, they have 6,385 Norwegian Ice Hockey players.


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