Perfect Cases For Your Extra Large IPhone 7 Plus

Perfect Cases For Your Extra Large IPhone 7 Plus

It is no doubt that iPhone 7 Plus is an expensive model from Apple. Well, it is not that pricey when compared to iPhone X or 8, but it is rather holding the place for being one of the most expensive smartphones in today’s world. As your phone is like your non-detachable friend, you have to carry it around with you everywhere you go. So chances are high that you might scratch the jet black colored back of the phone, which is enough to ruin the beauty. So, you have no other way but to get hands on the best cases for your iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s get to know more about the latest cases available in the market.

  • Synthetic leather sleeve:

Mostly available in a dark brown color, this type of case is made out of microfiber and synthetic leather. The design of this case won’t hide your phone in full. But remember that it is not pure leather you are talking about, even though it might look like one. So, you don’t have to bother spend a hefty amount of money for this case. Even if you mistakenly drop your phone on the ground, the cozy case will protect your phone extensively. So, you don’t have to bother leave your phone all naked and prone for extra damages.

  • Wooden cover:

The style of these kinds of best iphone 7 plus cases India is mostly available in three colors in one. It is made out of wood and polycarbonate for that extra support and durability your phone needs. It is made out of real wooden pieces and come handy in multiple wooden tones. It is arguably one of the most stylish cases you will ever see. As this case is made by mixing different wooden patterns, therefore; the end will be a distinctive one for sure.

  • Urban Shield:

This premium finish of Urban shield iPhone 7 plus cases will make it a great choice for many. This form of case is available in multiple colors, such as aluminum, carbon fiber and rose gold. The materials used for its manufacturing are aluminum and plastic, silicone or carbon fiber. It has a fair price tag to it, making it easily buyable for so many customers out there. It is a perfect example of simple yet classic look to it.

  • Defense gear:

This defense gear case for your Apple product is surprisingly slim in nature, but don’t judge its durability. It might be a slim case but it is rather tough. It is mostly slimmer than most of the tough cases around. The rugged design is just amazing, making it durable yet stylish at the same time. This might be a super tough phone case, but it won’t add that much of width and thickness to the phone to destroy its beauty.

These are few of the iPhone 7 Plus cases hovering around the marketplace. You can go through each one of them to select the one you like the most among the lot.

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