Preparations during Your Pregnancy Week

After feeling like you have been pregnant forever it can be a huge relief when the pregnancy week finally arrives. However, you do need to remember that the majority of women do not actually give birth during their 40th week and can often have to wait up to two weeks before the big event. That aside, there are a lot of different feelings and emotions that you are likely to experience during your final pregnancy week.

In the 40th pregnancy week your baby now completely fills your womb, and there’s less space for movement. You are likely to be feeling the most physically uncomfortable that you have felt throughout the entire pregnancy. You are likely to have an aching back and pelvis and you are bound to be feeling heavy and tired. During this pregnancy week, your baby will be getting into position ready for labor to start and it may help him get into a favorable position if you spend some time each day in a forward-leaning position.

Kneeling on the floor, leaning on a stool, or sitting at a table, legs apart and resting your arms on the table top can all help the baby move into position and also make you feel a little more comfortable during this final pregnancy week. Exercise may be almost impossible during your final pregnancy week and any walking can leave you feeling exhausted but swimming is ideal.

The water will help support the increased weight of your baby in the final pregnancy week. This is often why a lot of women opt for a water birth. It is also a good idea to rest as much as possible but tries to avoid sitting slumped backward. The most comfortable position for many women to rest during the final pregnancy week is to lie on their side with their knees bent. Placing a cushion or pillow between your knees can help relieve a backache too.

Your emotions are likely to be all over the place in your final pregnancy week. It is easy to feel completely fed up and impatient as the due date approaches, especially if it passes without you having given birth. You may also be feeling extremely nervous towards the end of the final pregnancy week at the prospect of going into labor and actually give birth. It is important to try to remain as calm and focused as you can, during your final pregnancy week, to ensure that you are as well-prepared as possible for the forthcoming birth.

You can use the final pregnancy week constructively by making sure that you have your labor bag packed and going over your birth plan. The final pregnancy week is also when some women experience the nesting instinct and want to do all sorts of jobs around the house – if you have the energy in this pregnancy week then go for it. Any jobs that you can get done during your final pregnancy week will save you from trying to do them after the birth.

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