Puppy behavior tips

Puppy behavior tips

Your new puppy will be just like a young child when you first bring them home, all puppies go through stages just like a child.

They will go through the terrible two stages and the awkward teenage year’s stage and you will come across several problems along the way to adulthood.

Here are some of the most common problems and how to make life a little easier during this time.

Accidents when housebreaking

Housetraining is essential and you should start out as you mean to go on, the earlier you start this then it will lessen the chance of accidents happening around the home. Of course when the puppy is very young the odd accident will happen, your puppies’ bladder is only small and for him it might seem miles to make it through the door in time.

Be constant and vigilant in your efforts rewarding your puppy when he goes to the bathroom in the right place and gently scolding him when he has an accident.


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All puppies will nip and those little teeth can hurt so nipping should be dealt with early, if not then you could have problems if your puppy doesn’t outgrow this stage as he gets older. When your puppy nips you shout out “ouch” in a voice loud enough to startle your puppy, he will soon get the idea that this is something you aren’t happy with.

Another way to go about stopping this is to very gently push on your puppies’ nose when they nip; dogs don’t like this sensation and will then associate nipping with the unpleasant feeling.

Barking and yapping

All dogs will bark or yap when they get excited but some seem to do it more than others and this can get annoying not only for yourself but also for your neighbors. Some dogs will bark or yap for attention or if they are bored, try to give your dog or puppy enough attention and exercise and when they start to yap or bark uncontrollably then you should say “quiet” and if they stop then reward them with a treat.

Consistency is important when teaching your puppy and dog and if you persevere then most dogs will learn to stop yapping or barking when you speak the magic word.


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Jumping up at you

Jumping up at you or onto your lap might seem cute when the puppy is little but when it grows to its full adult size this can be a problem, also some people just don’t like dogs and if you have a visitor who doesn’t then your dog can be very scary if it’s bounding towards them and leaping up.

Again perseverance and training is the answer, nip it in the bud while your puppy is young and this won’t become a big problem when older.

Running away from you

You should teach your new puppy its name very early and teach him to respond and come to you when called; you can do this by confining your puppy to just one room and repeating his name while offering a treat. When your puppy comes to you then make a fuss of him and gradually widen the space you are teaching him in, for example trying this out in the garden where your puppy will find more distractions.

Perseverance is essential at this time but if rewarded most puppies catch on really quick, you can use treats also when teaching your puppy to stick by your side when out.


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