Slow but steady wins the race… Aesop Quotes

Slow but steady wins the race.
- Aesop -

@ashiqsir A hare makes fun of a tortoise for being slow. The tortoise then challenges the hare to a race. Amused by the idea, the hare accepts. He believes there is no way he could possibly lose to a slow turtle. With the course set and ready to go, the race begins and the hare quickly darts down the path, leaving his fellow green contender in the dust. It’s not long before the hare builds a strong lead. In fact, his lead is so strong that he decides to take a nap! Meanwhile, the tortoise continues plodding along, running at a slow and steady pace until he eventually catches up and even passes the napping hare! Shortly after, the hare wakes up only to see the tortoise moments away from finishing the race. He desperately tries to catch up, running as fast as he can, but it’s too late, the tortoise crosses the finish line and wins the race. Slow but steady wins the race is a phrase that means slow, productive progress leads to success, as in We take your time to build this house right. Remember, slow but steady wins the race! You’re likely to hear Slow but steady wins the race when someone thinks doing something slowly but skillfully is better because it helps to avoid mistakes.