Example is the best precept… Aesop Quotes

Example is the best precept.
- Aesop -

@ashiqsir We often hear precept or advice for moral conduct. It is true that it influences us for the time being but is soon forgotten. It looks funny when a drunkard speaks on the evils of drinking or a cheat advises us to be good in life. We do not follow a precept preached by a bad man because we see a contradiction between what he preaches and what he practices. However, when an honest man tells us that honesty is the best policy, we feel convinced that it is so. We know that the man has been honest throughout his life and has become successful. When a kind-hearted man asks us to help the poor and the sick, we feel that we should do it, for the man has done a lot for suffering humanity. Hence, we will be able to convince others more effectively if we teach them by our good actions rather than mere speeches.