People often grudge others what they cannot e.. Aesop Quotes

People often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.
- Aesop -

@ashiqsir One day, in a stable on a farm, a dog lay asleep in a manger that was filled with hay. The dog was awakened by the cattle, which came into the stable tired and hungry from working all day in the field. But the dog would not let them get near the manger, because he wanted it all for himself. Indeed, he snarled and bared his teeth at them: it was as if the manger were filled with the best of meat and bones, which he wished to keep all for himself. In actual fact, of course, the manger contained only hay (and the dog himself). The cattle looked at the dog with undisguised contempt. ‘How selfish he is!’ said one of the cows. ‘He cannot eat the hay himself, but he will not let us eat it – even though we are so hungry for it!’ At this point, the farmer came into the stable and saw how the dog was acting. He grabbed a stick and drove the dog out of the stable, hitting him for his selfish behaviour towards the cows. This quote referring to people who spitefully prevent others from having something that they themselves have no use for. They are selfish. One day they regret for their selfishness. They do not get anyone to their side in the time of trouble.