Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten… Aesop Quotes

Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten.
- Aesop -

@ashiqsir What does it mean when people say, "A mistake can be forgiven but not forgotten"? Its not easy to forgive a person who has broken your trust and sabotaged your faith. Even if u decide to do so...You wont be able to forget what it taught you?how it made u feel?What you had to go through? Somewhere these feelings will always lurk deep down in ur heart and you'll never be able to forget these things because they will be like stamped memories on your heart and your mind. You choose to forgive a person because that person means and matters a lot to you.Despite all odds u cannot afford to lose your relationship with that person.You dont want to lose that person so you continue being what you were to him before the mistake was committed.But you and your relationship walk on thin ice which can break anytime if anything falters or goes wrong.If anything goes wrong all the bad memories will resurface back and come flashing into your mind. Thus, you'll always be alert and on guard to protect yourself from being hurt again.