There must be no barriers to freedom of inqui.. Robert Oppenheimer Quotes

There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry.

@Fokhrul Islam There is a certain kind of freedom when it comes to the freedom of research. It's more than just unrestricted access to documents or literature that is related to the research. A person must also be allowed to search for information on his own and cannot be limited to what others want him to find out. This is an important quote about learning from mistakes in life because it reminds us of how we can discover so many more things if we allow ourselves to search for anything we want and can. A lot of quotes remind us of the importance of examining the past and thinking twice before doing things, especially if it concerns with anyone's freedom. This isn't just applicable when you're reviewing your academic papers but also in terms of dealing with people and handling situations. Sometimes, you end up making a mistake when you're in a hurry or was blinded by your emotions. In quotes about learning from mistakes in life, the best thing for you to do is to calm down and take time to think twice before taking any actions. If someone asks for freedom but only wants it on his terms, then it is a mistake to give him that kind of freedom.

Quotes About Learning From Mistakes In Life