Leadership is the capacity to translate visio.. Warren Bennis Quotes

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

@Fokhrul Islam Intentions are useless without leadership. Leadership is required for any group of people—be it a company, organization, team, or family—to succeed. A leader's true leadership skills are revealed in times of hardship and difficulty. The following leadership quotes outline how leadership should be approached and what makes leadership so essential. Leaders, whether they make it known or not, hold the utmost power within an organization; their leadership skills are what give them that ability. While leadership skills can be taught to a certain extent, leadership is more of a skill that develops from years of experience and learning from mistakes. Because leadership is a skill, leadership quotes offer guidance on what leadership skills should look like and how leadership skills should be developed. In order to achieve anything, leadership must exist. The following leadership quotes illustrate the important role leadership plays in achieving success within an organization or team. These leadership quotes describe qualities that a successful leader must possess and provide advice on how leadership should be developed. These leadership quotes also encourage leadership skills such as leadership by example, leadership through others, and leading from the front.

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