Best Wheel of Time Quotes

The Wheel of Time series is one that will leave you on the edge of your seat, with Robert Jordan's rich worldbuilding and complex characters. The first three books are set in TV-like chapters (called volumes) to help explain this otherworldly setting before letting readers jump into a full fantasy story. Here are the best quest of "Wheel of Time"

30+ Best Best Wheel of Time Quotes

A secret spoken finds wings.

A Secret spoken finds wings" The author means "Wings" as the disclosure/ sharing of confidential information about the patient to others intentionally or unintentionally. It means a breach of confidentiality.

The prequel novel helps establish some background information about how these lands came together as well while also being a guide for newbies who might be confused by all things WOT – but don’t worry because Brandon Sanderson was enlisted coauthor just when we thought things couldn’t get any better! Another great thing? This ongoing epic saga can go wherever its author wants: past present or future without making us feel like time has skipped ahead too much from.

The Wheel of Time is a series that originally started as a six-book set but spanned 14 volumes, with two companion books. The worldbuilding and complex plot made it one the most popular works in American literature history.

The author Robert Jordan had planned to write just Six Magical Books about Rand al’Thor’s journey through time; however after years he passed away before completing this last novel leaving Brandon Sanderson (his coauthor) who has since completed 3 more novels making them complete by himself