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If it is real estate tips you are looking for, boy have we got them! We have put together a comprehensive list of real estate tips for your perusal. We have tips for buyers, sellers, students and professionals. If you have a good real estate tip we have missed, please feel free to add it here!
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  1. Asking Price
    Set a reasonable asking price. Your home’s value can be found by looking at other properties for sale in the same area. Find out how much other houses in your neighborhood sold for recently.
  2. Use the Internet
    List your property on realty sites on the internet. If you are selling your own home this will help expose your property to potential buyers. If possible, add pictures of your home to the listings. This will give buyers a chance to see the property beforehand.
  3. Home Inspections
    Once you have found your ‘perfect’ home, always keep in mind that the home may not always be perfect. Always have a structural inspector go over the house from the roof to the foundation so your decision about the house will have no lingering thoughts.
  4. Clean Up
    Clean up the property. Making sure your property is presentable will appeal to potential buyers. A few ways to improve your “curb appeal” are: Add a fresh coat of paint, plant a few flowers, keep the lawn trim, edge sidewalks, clean windows and gutters, pressure wash sidewalks and decks. These will enhance your property and draw potential buyers.
  5. Down Payment
    One of the biggest questions for you will be how much to put down on your house. In most situations it is a good idea to put down a large amount. This way there will be little or no mortgage insurance, a good equity position, and perhaps a preferred mortgage deal. You will even have lower mortgage payment. Though with a large down payment you will be using after-tax dollars which you could be earning interest, and you will also have less tax deductible interest.
  6. Use a Sign
    If you are selling your own home, place a “for sale by owner” sign in your front yard. This will let potential buyers know that your property is up for sale.
  7. Listing and Selling Price
    When finding what you can afford in a house don’t just look at the list price. Look into what it will cost you to live in the house also.
  8. Open House
    Having an open house is a good way to attract home buyers. This gives potential home buyers a chance to view your home and property before making a decision to purchase.
  9. Buyer’s Remorse
    When buying a house it is normal to feel panic and anxiety. You will find yourself asking if you paid too much, if this house is really the right one, how you could get out of it, etc. This is called ‘Buyer’s Remorse,’ and is completely normal. When you feel this coming on just call your friends who have owned a house for a few years and ask about their buying experience’s.
  10. Buy it Bug Free
    There are probably some kind of small creature that makes their home in your home. Whether they are ants, spiders, termites, roaches, or fleas, it is always a good idea to get rid of them before you sell the house. If store bought remedies don’t do the job, than you can always hire an exterminator. The money will be well spent!
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