reasons why your friends are not keen on having your house as a party venue

reasons why your friends are not keen on having your house as a party venue

It happens a lot of times that you are a party lover, who wants to have a lot of game nights, parties and get-togethers at your own home, but your friends are constantly forcing that the venue should be someplace else, preferably someone else’s home, and not your house. Have you ever wondered why?

This is mainly because of the fact that your friends probably don’t feel comfortable at your house. And here are some of the reasons that could be causing them to feel that way.

A small house

This is the first obvious reason. Maybe your house is way too small and cramped in to accommodate a lot of people. And nobody likes to be in a space where they are stepping on each other, or don’t have enough space to sit and relax comfortably. So understand the fact that the guest list is a little too big to adjust the people in your house.

You have pets

Sometimes, not everyone is keen on partying at a house that has a lot of pets. They may either be too scared of them, or might be allergic to the fur and the hair they leave behind. Sometimes, psychologically, people who don’t like pets can’t stand the idea of cats and dogs being on the same beds and sofas where humans are. That freaks them out, and they start to feel that the space is unhygienic, even though you may think otherwise.

 You don’t clean your house

Some people like to live in a messy house, and don’t mind when the kitchen sink has dishes lying in it since weeks, or when you haven’t really dusted anything in your house since ages. But that’s probably not the case with your guests, who’d like to party or have get-togethers in a clean place. That’s probably the reason why they always vote for someone else’s house rather than yours.

You have others at home

Sometimes, when you are sharing your house with roommates or flat mates, or even with parents, your guests don’t feel good in their company. That way, even you would have to make some restrictions, such that the other people in the house don’t get disturbed. And since nobody likes to party with restrictions, they’d rather choose someone else’s house where they can enjoy freely.

You don’t maintain your lawn

So if you were planning to have an evening of drinks, food and cards or other board games with your friends, you’d ideally like to do it in a lawn. But people would choose someone else’s house over yours, simply because of the fact that you don’t maintain your lawn. The best way to sort out this problem is to call in experts, who will take care of all your lawn related needs, right from mowing and fertilizing to landscaping. That ensures that the lawn is clean, bug-free and beautiful to be in.

So check all of these points, and understand why your friends are not willing to party in your house. Make necessary changes to make your house more guest-friendly.

The author, Chase Cullen, is a landscape artist and a serial blogger. He says maintaining your yard is hard work but it can make your home look more beautiful. He shares gardening and home improvement tips through his articles.

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