Recognising a Sign of Pregnancy

There are a number of different symptoms that can be a sign of pregnancy bit not of all of these are a guaranteed sign of pregnancy. Obviously, the first sign of a pregnancy is usually when a woman misses her period. However, there can be a number of reasons that a woman does not have a period when she expects too. Stress can affect a woman’s periods and may mean that she has irregular periods or even misses a period altogether. This is why a number of pregnancy tests are available for women to check if their missed period is actually a sign of pregnancy or not. Some of these testing kits can be used as soon as the first day of a missed period to confirm if the lack of a period is a sign of pregnancy or not.

Another common sign of pregnancy is the dreaded morning sickness. Obviously, feeling nauseous is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy but if it is combined with another sign, such as a missed period, then this increases the chance that the woman is pregnant.

Some women do not realize that they are pregnant until they actually begin to put on weight. Weight gain is obviously a sign of pregnancy but it is not usually the first sign that a woman has although she may not have noticed that she has not had a period for a few months. If a woman has been under a lot of stress or has been taking certain medications that lead to missed or irregular periods and she has not been suffering from morning sickness then her weight gain ay be the first sign of pregnancy that she notices.

During the pregnancy, there are a number of issues that a mother-to-be can feel as a sign of pregnancy. Many women suffer from swollen ankles and this is an uncomfortable sign of pregnancy. The best way to counter this is to wear comfortable shoes that do not fit tightly. Lace-up shoes are one of the best options as they can be loosened to accommodate the swelling.

Another sign of pregnancy is tiredness or lack of energy. Obviously, the baby is developing and using the mother’s nutrients to grow. This can result in the woman needing more rest than usual. It is important that a woman gets as much rest as possible to gather her strength, especially during the final months of the pregnancy.

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