Restaurants that keep you coming back!

Restaurants that keep you coming back!

Why do you choose to go back to the same restaurant again and again? What makes these restaurants so special that you cannot forget and what brings you back to the same restaurants a few weeks later? Well, of course, every place has its own specialty. Some of them are great at providing the best food and some have an amazing ambiance. But the combination is rare to be found together. Some restaurants make us feel nostalgic or we create an aesthetic sense with the place. Sometimes, it’s because we have spent a great time with a friend or the love of our life there over a nice dinner — it’s all relative – talking about life and sipping the best cup of coffee. These are the reasons why some of the restaurants keep calling us back or maybe it is just that we like to spend our time there with our favorite book. If you are such a person then here is the list of some of the restaurants which will be on your top list forever.

New Parthenon:

We all love food but some of us a great admirer of cuisines. We try different restaurants and try to find different and unique recipes. Greek cuisine is considered to be one of the best cousins as it savors the taste of your tongue with the best dishes. New Parthenon has been in the business for 40 years and has served the people with the best Greek dishes. The ambiance of the restaurant reflects the Greek culture and style through the statues and wall paintings. Their menu is great and has the best taste than anyone. More than this. The restaurants cover two dining areas. These areas can have a large number of people. If you are a group of people than it is the best place. Detroit is the place where you can find this restaurant.

Felix Trattoria

The main reason for going back to the same restaurant, again and again, is only the food. It is the major reason why you choose to go back to the restaurants with your friends, family and loved ones. The taste of food attracts you to taste it again. You love to sit in your favorite place and sip the best white Negroni. This brings a nostalgic feeling to you and reminds you the first time you were there with your loved one and it gave you a strange tingling feeling. But you loved it because you were lost in the moment and you cherish it. The thrilling and innovative menu of the restaurants helps you in exploring the new taste every time you go there. Every time seems like your first time there. You can also enjoy public Wi-Fi which has fast speed like AT&T Internet.  Thus, Felix Trattoria placed in Venice, California is one of the restaurants which will welcome you again and again.

Majestic Café

Majestic café as the name suggests is one of the best places to spend your time. It is considered to be an amazing historic statement to the audience. What makes this place majestic is its interior and the services which are being offered. Situated in Woodward Avenue, the place is the best example to have a live music room and not just one but many. It also has a bowling alley, pool hall, and a rooftop bar. Those who love to drink under a bright sky and a starry night, the rooftop bar is for you. You can always go for a Sunday brunch or regular dinner or anything. The place will always welcome you.

The Grill & the Pool

Being in the business for a long time now, The Grill & the Pool has proved to be one of the best restaurants in New York. People have developed a liking for it because of its ambiance and what not. Once you have entered the restaurant, you would not want to go out any time soon. This place provides its customers with the best services. An interesting thing about this restaurant is that it is divided into two parts, The Grill, and The pool. The Grill holds the attraction for the people who would love to have a tableside with the best menu of a quenelle of caviar along with vichyssoise. On the other hand, if you are a fan of oceanic food then the Pool is the best place. Here you will find all the oceanic delights in a luxurious environment. You can either get the food in raw form or cooked. It all depends on your cravings. You will definitely feel new on each visit.


Eating is not about going to the fancy restaurants every time. Sometimes, we just wish to eat from a street corner shop or from some local restaurant. However, Nemo’s is one of the best classic place in Detroit which has been around town for many years. The place offers some of the best burgers, which are amazing in taste. Go there once and you will keep going.

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