Safeguard your business against scams using third party verification services

Safeguard your business against scams using third party verification services

For any business to perform at its best, it is imperative to have an access to validated information about its employees and customers. The rate at which scams and frauds are going up is alarming. The chances of falling into trap of these scams are even more for a mid-size enterprise.

Here is when third party verification services come into play. Third party verification is a process in which genuinity of a customer and an employee is tested and made known to the organization. The number of enterprises using third party verification services is on a good rise as it is deemed as a vital step in uplifting the growth of any business.

Third party verification services help safeguard the personal information of its customers from unauthorised use. At the same time, strong trust for an organization in the mind of a customer is developed. Safety and privacy which holds an utmost importance are both taken care of using these services.

Types of third party verification services-

  • Background verification

In making a sound hiring decision, background verification is a key element. Employees represent an organization and so it becomes absolutely important to have a complete and

transparent background screening of the workforce.

Background check is needed to authenticate the accuracy of the documents that are provided in the hiring process thus making the recruitment risk free.

It includes-

  1. Employment history verification wherein all the records and information provided in the resume is validated by contacting the previous employers through different channels.
  2. Criminal records and credit history is also checked to make sure that work force they hire is not involved in any illegal activities.
  3. Education credentials- Accuracy of all education records submitted during interview is established by running a check wherein all documents are verified.

This is done with a prime objective of differentiating employees who submit fake records and resumes.

  • Sales verification

In this process, customized scripts are handed over to experts for calling the customers.

Also, there is a specific decorum that they need to conform to. The calls made by agents is required to collect data by asking relevant questions about placing an order and any changes that they intend to make with the orders. Some big companies record the interactions to keep a verbal proof of placement of an order.

Privacy of data is considered as a top priority. An added advantage of sales verification services is the help it provides in monitoring of calls. This gives an awareness of any changes that enterprises need to make in their approach towards customer handling.

In a nutshell, effective third party verification services have a major impact on the progress of business and its advancement.

The importance of the services is definitely undeniable. The use of these services is gaining momentum due to the aid it provides in preventing frauds and scams. Companies are also spared of the baseless conflicts and lawsuits that might surface later.

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