Scope of MA in Public Policy

“The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted” – Elizabeth Dole.

A Master of Public Policy degree is often confused with the degree of Master’s in Government Services. The degree in Public Policy is a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional degree, which would help an individual to excel in his career by working on the public policies which will then become governmental laws or regulations.

Along with the government sector, the public sector too looks forward to hiring individuals with a degree in Public Policy. The main aim is to hire somebody who can recognize, develop, and implement policies for effective and efficient business decisions. Such jobs demand advocacy and government relations roles, and also roles like marketing, communications, public relations, consulting, and program analysis and management.

Overall, possessing a degree in Public Policy opens a wide range of flexible careers and jobs for the individuals, also helps them to seamlessly jump sectors as per preference and exposure.

skills employers look for in an individual with the Master’s in Public Policy degree

The employers in this field typically seek for the following skills in the potential recruits-

  • Good communication and public speaking skills. Having good public speaking skills helps the individuals entering this field to convey their policies clearly and convincingly in all modes of communication.
  • Vigorous legal, economical, social, and political knowledge.
  • Ability to research, fetch, analyze, and if required synthesize the information.
  • Ability to work in teams or independently on various tasks together.
  • Strong and strategic decision making skills.

How can you get a Public Policy Job?

Searching jobs in public policy sector is just like searching jobs in any other industry. The individuals can go through various job listing boards online that provide an easy and quick search approach to find what an individual is looking for. These include, LinkedIn,, indeed, and etc.

In addition, the individuals can also go through the campus recruitments programs, assisted by the respective institutes, which help and notify students with job search and career opportunities.

Other than these, individuals can also look for job opportunities within their own network of friends, faculty, non profit organizations around, private sector, and various government public policy committees. Students can broaden their network through pursuing internships during their graduation years.

Sectors hiring Public Policy Graduates

Since the nature of the public policy sector is multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional, the government, private, and non profit sectors look forward to recruit MA Public Policy graduates.

As the data provided by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), 2015, below are given the fields in which Master of Public Policy graduates got employed within six months of completing their graduation-

  • 1% entered military service
  • 11% for a national or central government
  • 12% for a non-research/consulting business
  • 15% for a state/provincial/regional government
  • 23% working for a domestic non profit
  • 4% in an international non profit and pursuing further higher education (i.e. a PhD)
  • 5% in a government not in the same country as the program the graduate completed
  • 7% for a local government
  • 8% in the research/consulting private sector

Public Policy Careers and Jobs

Below we have given the potential job and career prospective for the individuals with a degree in Public Policy –

Government Sector Jobs:

Budget analyst/manager

City manager


Legislative aide

Program analyst/administrator/manager

Representative/senator/elected official

Private Sector Jobs:

Community relations manager


Government relations manager

Program analyst

Program manager

Public relations and marketing manager

Non-profit Sector Jobs:

Advancement or development manager

Assistant professor/lecturer

Community outreach manager

Government relations advocate

Policy research assistant/associate/fellow

Program manager

Salary of a Master of Public Policy Degree

Salaries depends on various variables; geographical region, level of education, previous work experience, and role, nature, and responsibilities of the job.

As per the data given by Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), 33 percent of the Master of Public Policy graduates hired are earning a salary of over $55,000 in their first job after graduation, 65 percent are making over $55,000 with almost 10 percent earning over $100,000, and individuals graduates three years out are supervising a team of 15 people and administer a budget of almost $700,000.

Master’s in Public Policy is not just a course; it’s a dawn for the people who are looking to explore unconventional career options.

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