SEO process is totally incomplete in absence of what things?

Baidu did this once very beautiful, and Maple Leaf is compared to a little more close to the ignorant!! ! I really need to say a little:Baidu cheating expressly given place, and according to their own provisions clear, legal support, the court, personally feel happy. Very much like cheating comrades doing privately can, should not always take positive significance seo search engine with that matter.

Finally, he smashed his own job but also smashed smelly whole seo industry. We call on Baidu who pay attention to business ethics, but also appeal to the majority of seo colleagues follow simple search morality.

Three boys no boy’s situation had occurred because of the lack of effective SMO Services institutional arrangements to mobilize the enthusiasm of the monks carrying water, the monks are waiting for someone else to carry water, sit back and enjoy their own good.

Each monk think so, then it really did not drink up. In fact, every monk has the ability to carry water (economics this as a “resource”), due to the lack of effective institutional arrangements, the monks of carrying water capacity (resources) it was the waste, cannot be fully utilization, realize its value (with drink).

Economics of the three boys no boy’s case boils down to a lack of effective public choice. When a monk, how much they pay the cost of fetching water (strength), how much income carry water (drinkable water) will get, costs and benefits completely balanced, and therefore do not need anyone to force, the monk will go thirsty a boy.

Only two monks under the circumstances, we can also negotiate, negotiate cost is relatively small, if you went to carry water to drink, they pay the cost (effort) and earnings (drinkable water) can also be obtained by the basic balance, So together half a boy of cooperation not only capable of producing situations, but also upheld continue.

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