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Why SEO is Important for Your Online Presence

By: robertjami

SEO has changed everything online including businesses, which have to go online if they are to survive and thrive. Being connected 24/7 with our mobile devices, we have the world at our fingertips and we have become accustomed to instant results.

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google for a Better SE Visibility

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google for a Better SE Visibility

By: Sean19891

Learn how to get your site indexed by google for a better SEO.


Some Novel Ways of Utilizing Instagram for Search Engine Optimization in 2019

By: Pete

Businesses are considering Instagram as an integral part of their marketing strategies. If you leverage the powerful and versatile Instagram and other such social media platforms effectively, you could successfully boost your overall SEO endeavors


Eight Tips for Your Off-Page SEO

By: robertjami

The internet- our world revolves around it. We have a growing dependence on the internet for every little task, and that includes marketing.

2018-01-05_00-45_SHAMIM AHMED

SEO Tools list 2018

By: shamimahmedbd

Here you will get SEO list at a glance is one place. The most useful and updated SEO tools list with their popular analytical power will be give here.

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How to market catering services with digital applications?

By: neminathan

The articles describes about how to utilize digital applications for catering services business.


Is building Word press website a best for SEO?

By: neminathan

Constructing a website with Word press tools will result in many benefits and the article describes about them briefly.


This is Why Your Readers aren’t Sticking Around

By: sambhard

An amazing post, with amazing content is great to have, but if your blog design is not up to scratch, then you can wave good-bye to those readers. In a few seconds, you will be reading tips on how to make your blog design the best it can ever be.

Terrible SEO

Terrible SEO Companies – How to Avoid Them

By: anandrajendran

On the off chance that a SEO organization ensures page rank in a particular period, particularly on the off chance that it is a moderately brief time, you ought not work with them.

What is Cloaking?

By: infon

Cloaking is a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider […]

Protect Your Rankings in the New Year

By: infon

Google’s recent “freshness” algorithm creates opportunity for those willing to do a little work. Search for phrases related to your […]

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Facebook and SEO – a Match Made in Heaven

By: smemraz

Despite the massive traffic numbers Google receives, it is believed that the traffic numbers on Facebook are even higher again. It stands to reason that if you’re not embracing social networking sites like Facebook for your own small business, you could be left behind. Of course, it’s not just about posting a few updates and letting people know what time of day you brush your teeth. When you’re thinking about using social networking sites to boost your SEO efforts, there are some things you can do to really help.


Who Should Use SEO?

By: smemraz

Truth be told, SEO is not hard. It’s not rocket science, and it certainly doesn’t require a degree in marketing, design, or anything else for that matter. While SEO is not hard, it can be tedious. It requires diligence and organization.

seo 6

Under the Hood of SEO

By: smemraz

, you can use your keywords in the content title and in sub-titles. You can also use synonyms, similar phrases, long-tail keywords to help the search engines figure out that your content is relevant for the keyword and theme you’ve chosen

On-Page SEO 4

On-Page SEO Tips to Rock Your Site to the Top

By: smemraz

Regardless of what SEO efforts you’ve been putting in, the work you do on your own page is perhaps one of the most important aspects. Optimizing your website the right way can have a huge impact on your search engine results. Unfortunately, plenty of people focus their efforts on creating backlinks or worrying about keyword-laden anchor text instead of thinking about what they can do to improve the SEO on your site itself.

Off Page SEO 6

Off Page SEO Tips You Must Know

By: smemraz

Most people are aware of the basics of on-page SEO. This is where they tweak their keyword density, add more content, add ‘alt’ tags to images and create tags designed to appeal to the search engines.

dna 2

Your Website’s DNA

By: smemraz

Creating a website involves far more than just throwing some cool images onto a page and adding some content. Determining your website’s structure plays an important role in visitor ‘stickiness’ and also helps the search engines to index your internal pages properly.

permalink 3

SEO Friendly Permalinks

By: smemraz

A permalink is the website address (or URL) that points to one of your blog entries even after it’s moved off the front pages and down into the archives. In other words, it’s the link that points to that individual post, instead of pointing to your blog in general. If you’re blogging and you don’t make use of permalinks, you’re only linking back to the front page of your blog. When new visitors arrive to see what you’ve written, they get to see the newest entries only. However, if you want those visitors to read a specific blog post you wrote, you’ll need to refer them to that permalink so they can find that internal page more easily.

Link Mania 2

Link Mania – Are You Utilizing Your Assets?

By: smemraz

A big part of effective SEO is back linking – getting other sites to add a link that points to your own website. The search engines pick up which sites have plenty of good quality backlinks and consider these to be somewhat relevant for that particular niche. This can play a part in improving your search engine results.


Tweet Yourself to the Top of the Search Engines

By: smemraz

If you’re not using Twitter as part of your SEO efforts, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity. You see, your Twitter profile is searchable and it can help to boost your current website or blog up to the top of the search engine results – if you do it the right way.