Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Strategy

When you play seven card stud high low, it is very attempting to play a lot of hands, because of the option to win both way either to have the high hand or the best qualify low hand. But that bad strategy, since it’s is limit format you need to rely on more about hand selection and math. Your hands selections need to be concentrated on hands that can scoop the pot. Playable Starting Hands for Seven Card Stud High Low:

Playable Starting Hands For High and Low:

Three Low Cards for Straight Flush:2♦ 4♦ 5♦. Those cards have high chance to scoop the pot, play strong from the beginning.

Three Low Cards to a Straight: 6♠ 4♣ 5♦ . You can choose here if you want to play this in more aggressive or passive way depends on the number of players in the hand, the exposed card of the other players include the players that already folded .

Three Low Cards to a Flush: 2♠ 6♠ 7♠. Play like – “Three Low Cards to a Straight”.

Ace With 2 Low Cards: Ace♠ 4♣ 8♦. Call, play it passive, in the 5th street if you see 2 or more players trying to draw for better low hand, and you didn’t have great high hand by now, like trips or aces up, then fold .

Ace with Low Pair: Ace♠ 4♠ 4:♣ play like: “Ace With 2 Low Cards”.

Aces with Low Card:Ace♦ Ace♣ 3♦: limp for cheap if you don’t improve your high hand, and you don’t get good low draw then fold.

Playable High Only Hands:

Trips: If you play trips, play them strong. Try to make other player fold early, little tip about trips in seven stud 8/b: if you play AAA – 888, player will not think that you playing for high they will be confused.

High Pairs: Those hands can scoop the pot only when there is no qualify low hand, that will happen more often on short-handed tables, or when all the door cards are equal/higher then 9. Play strong, if you have too much players draw on you, and you didn’t improve your hand, you need to fold on 5th street.

Hands to Avoid:

Note: this is true for full tables, maybe on heads-up or other situation you may want to play those starting hands.

  • Non-low straights and flushes:
  • Unconnected low cards (without an ace).

Why High Starting Hands Are Not Good At Seven Stud High Low:

When you play good high hands and win, you split the pot a lot, which makes you small profits, and if you lose once in a while to an even higher hand, all the small profits go anyway. Players tend to think that winning two split pots equal to one full pot, and that’s not true .

Let’s do little math here:
We have two variables I and P, I = investment and P = profit (full pot).
If you win 2 split pots: I * 2 = P;
If you win 1 full pot: I = P;

In both cases you have the same profit, but you invested twice in the first option.

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