Seven Important Tips to Follow to Keep Your Weight Under Control During Eid

Whether your want or not, you end up eating too much during Eid. Eid comes after one whole year of waiting, so it is typical for you to not want to follow any rules during Eid. While you are at an Eid invitation, it is not possible to eat too less either.

If you follow a few simple rules, it will be possible for you to maintain your weight this Eid despite eating your favorite food. Here are a few ways to control your weight this Eid while eating all you want:

  1. Drink a lot of water : Drink a lot of water during Eid. In particular, drink at least one glass of water before eating. This will help avoid digestive problems. This will also keep you away from eating too much.
  2. Avoid Fats : Eating meat during Eid-Ul-Azha is a must. But it is better to avoid the fat layers while eating. If you eat too much of these fats, you will gain weight quickly. So it is better to throw away the fat layers before cooking.
  3. Eat Ispaghula Husk everyday : Ispaghula husk contains a high amount of fibre which helps to reduce weight. So get into habit of eating Ispaghula husk twice daily during Eid. This will cause weight loss. This also allows better digestion.
  4. Have lemon and honey added to warm water in the morning : Every morning during Eid, squeeze lemon into warm water and add honey and have it. This will help keep too much fat from accumulating in your body. Despite eating whatever you want during Eid, your weight will be under control.
  5. Salad, sour curd, lemon : During Eid, include sour curd, lemon and salad in each meal. These food items help reduce excess fat. These also help keep you fresh.
  6. Finish your dinner by 8PM : Even if you have Eid invitations, try to finish your dinner by 8PM. You must finish up by 9PM at most even if there is a delay. Dinner must be finished two or three hours before going to bed.
  7. Walk thirty minutes a day : We tend to eat a lot during Eid. It is necessary to get into habit of walking at least thirty minutes a day during this time in order to burn the excess calories gained from the excess food eaten. This will keep your weight completely under control.
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