Simulation of rate for car insurance

You often buy without comparing prices, to you? For the same profile and even needs, the rate of an auto contract of insurance can vary of even if it means the double.

Before hiring you, think of simulating your car insurance to several underwriters (and do not forget the banks which can reserve good surprises)

Whom is that a simulator of car insurance?

Contrary to the simulators of credit, the simulators of insurance are difficult to find because they have to take into account criteria peculiar to every underwriter, according to their affinity with the management of risks:

  • The age of the insured party
  • His review and declared disasters (or not)
  • The type of car to be assured and its history …

Note that got stocks are often indicative and that real value will be able to be determined only after maintenance with an adviser.

Where to find simulators of car insurance?

To simulate car insurance, the simplest is to link you to the site of your underwriter. For more effectiveness, some site offers you a complete questionnaire which simulates the cost your insurance to several agencies. You will then be able to compare rates freely and accept the estimate which is the best suitable for you.

It is also possible to simulate contribution of your insurance by taking return you at your underwriter. They will give information to you in some minutes. Do not forget to take the car registration document of the vehicle to be assured. Finishing, motorization, kilometrage or vintage of your car are so much criteria which change the sum of contribution.

When to simulate your car insurance?

– When you want to change vehicle, ask the seller for a copy of the car registration document before giving information to you to your underwriter. If you cannot have photocopy, make a research on Internet for connate the details of your future car: Units for car tax assessment, number of door, called by finishing. Ask the seller for the year of first registration and the number of kilometers.

– Every year, in the renewal of the contract, used competes with it by asking for estimates at other underwriters. Compare their rates with those of your contract current. Indeed, Law Chattel allows you to break the contract in the date of renewal of the contract (except opposite mention, for example further to a commitment over 24 months).

How to ask for a simulation of car insurance?

Attention to the way you introduce your request: The agents of insurance especially do not like word “simulation” (it does not recall your will to change insurance), ask them rather for an estimate. Result is the same and you say to them implicitly that you are interested to make deals with them.


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