Helpful Tips on Sinus Infections Symptoms

Helpful Tips on Sinus Infections Symptoms

Sinus Infection Symptoms:If you have suffered from sinus infection, you know how bad it is. The discomfort and pain it causes is truly great.

Known in medical science as sinusitis, the infection happens when your sinus get blocked.

Sinus are small cavities inside your nose, behind your eyes and underneath your cheek bones. When they get blocked, they swell and get inflamed.

The most common cause for the trouble is a viral infection. If so, the symptoms subside when all the other respiratory troubles get resolved.

However, bacteria, fungi and allergens too may cause trouble.

Acute and chronic sinusitis

The disease can either be acute which comes unexpectedly or chronic or long-lasting. Acute infection is generally caused by virus and it gets cured with medications. Chronic infection require long treatment. The doctor may even prescribe a surgery if tests find that the infection carries serious complications.

Sinus infections symptoms

Know for sure that you are suffering from sinus infections if you have the following symptoms.

  1. Pain : A majority of sinusitis patients complain of facial pain. This happens because the blockage traps air and mucus get trapped in the sinus. This puts pressure on its membranes or the walls of bones located at its back. The vacuum which gets created when a swollen membrane blocks the passage of air into the sinus. The pain is also accompanied by tenderness in certain areas. However, it is almost impossible to determine which sinus is blocked from the symptoms.
  2. Nasal discharge : You may also start noticing a runny nose. The secretion may be thick and yellow in color. It may also have a slight tinge of blood. At times, the fluid may get into your throat. This often makes it difficult to clear. Even with the secretion, your nose will remain congested. Difficulty to breathe through nose follows automatically.
  3. Cough : This too is one among the common symptoms of sinusitis. However, there are also instances of this infection without cough. The trouble may get worse at night. Other symptoms may include tiredness, fever and headache.


Diagnosing sinusitis is often easy. The doctor shines a light on the sinus and check for inflammation. The physician may even view the sinus with an endoscope.

When it comes to treatment, tests are done to rule out similar other diseases and, you may have to undergo imaging tests as per your symptoms.

Tips to remember

Doing the following may help you minimize sinusitis symptoms.

  1. Drink plenty of water.
  2. Take steam at least 4 times a day.
  3. Use a nasal spray to get rid of the congestion. However, be vary of over-the-counter medications.
  4. Flush your nose using the devices available for the purpose.
  5. Practice hygiene. Know that sinus infection is often caused by virus. Stay away from those having cold or any other upper respiratory disease.
  6. Avoid air pollutants like cigarette. They affect the effectiveness of the mucus transport mechanism in your nose.

Follow these guidelines and your sinus infections symptoms would stay in control.

Suitable Sinus Infection Treatment That Cares Best

suitable-sinus-infection-treatmentMany years have passed that a lot of people do not know which kind of treatment is best use if they are being subjected to any sinus related infections.

It is only these recent years that the possible kinds of treatment are being discovered that are place in two groups namely; medicinal treatments and natural treatments.

Common usage of hot liquid has been discovered to be an effective natural sinus infection treatment. This helps moisturize the mucous membrane around the sinuses and helps in speeding up the movement of tiny hair found in the nasal cells known as Celia.

Some of the hot liquids you may use are hot herbal tea or hot black tea, hot chicken soup and avoid hot coffee because this is not proven to be effective.

Applying warm compress on face is also a possible effective sinus infection treatment. This assist the circulation of sinuses leading to an increase movement of Celia inside the nose resulting for the mucus to vanished from the sinuses and will prevent any kind of air blockage.

If we turn to medicinal treatment, we can see that the use of antibiotics is always been the best way as a sinus infection treatment. This is because many of the sinus infections are caused by bacteria and these bacteria can only be treated with the use of antibiotics that is why it is suitable for sinus infections to be treated using antibiotics. On the other hand, only specific kinds of antibiotics are use to a particular kind of bacterial sinus infections.

Therefore it is important to have proper diagnosis from a doctor to know the actual cause of infection. For that a doctor will use your blood sample to know the actual cause and the kind of antibiotic you need for your sinus infection treatment. Some of the common antibiotic use is amoxicillin to treat the bacteria while diflucanfro fungi infections.

Decongestant is other kind of medicine use as sinus infection treatment. This medicine treatment is use to unblock the nasal passage the leads to relieve patient from temporary sinus infections. They do this to accelerate the movement of the nasal Celia to make sure that the mucus is removed rapidly from the sinuses.

These decongestants can be in a form of syrup, spray and tablet. The intake of this medicine must be taken as prescribed by a doctor and dosage must be the directions given by the physician to avoid any side effects and causes more harm to the body.

For those who have diagnosed as infected by allergy the best kind of sinus infection treatment is the use of the antihistamines. This medicine clears the particular allergens – substances that cause allergies in the body that makes you acquire sinusitis.

This drug is known in reducing the irritation of eyes and reduce sneezing and the amount of the mucus production of nose. Like many other sinus infection treatment medicines, antihistamines must be taken as per the directions of a doctor.

When Can Sinus Infections Contagious

sinus-infection-contagiousare sinus infection contagious : Sinus infections may be contagious if the infections are chronic due to bacteria, viruses and fungus in rare cases. Most of the time, sinus infections occur because of the viral development multiplied in the sinuses which may often result as cold bout.

On the other hand viral kind are sinus infection contagious not possible but viruses can be spread from one person to another making a person susceptible to cold or any related condition.

Sinus related infections due to viruses are easy to treat. Many think that this kind are sinus infection contagious but isn’t true because you can treat this using over the counter medication like corticosteroids, antihistamines and decongestants.

These are not possible that these are sinus infections contagious. Fungal or bacterial kinds of sinus infections exist if the sinus is swollen where the mucus trapped inside it causing for the bacteria to develop.

Signs and symptoms such as cough, fatigue, ear pressure, nasal discharge, facial pain, tooth pain, bad breath, postnasal drip and high fever are present too.

If this is your case, don’t let the situation gets worse; seek the help of your doctor for prescription because these kinds if symptoms may not easily be cured by over the counter medications and does only require antibiotics to treat the disease.

Fact that these are sinus infectious contagious if the virus is still active letting the infection stay longer. If you’ll get closer to the infected person then this will surely increase the risk for the infection to spread through. Sinus infection may not be harmful only if the symptoms stay and persistent of severe headaches.

Some people think that this is not fatal, yes it is but this must be ignored. Remember to seek the help of a doctor when it comes to the medication and the remedies to take for the pain to lessen. In some of the cases certain surgery and operation is required most especially if it is due to the tumor or polyp.

Sinus infections may last several minutes and even how many hours and can lead to irritation, discomfort and inconvenience.

If you think you are experiencing some of its signs and symptoms that these are sinus infections contagious then there are other home remedies and medication you can use to eliminate the sinus infections of being contagious aside from using antibiotic;

  • Make sure to have a healthy lifestyle having a regular exercise and healthy diet to treat the possibility of these are sinus infections contagious.
  • Steam inhaling regularly will also help clearing the blocked nasal passages.
  • Humidifiers are also helpful if you need extra air moisture.
  • Ibuprofen and paracetamols are very to relieve pain and pressure
  • The use of saline solution regularly will clear the nasal passage and this prevents any irritant in your noise.

If someone asks “are sinus infections contagious?” The answer is from yourself, this can be contagious if you will not prevent them so start it from yourself, because as what the saying goes “prevention is better than cure.

Sinus Infections | are sinus infections contagious

Most of the people think that viral and bacterial infections are contagious, so you might also think, are sinus infections contagious. The answer is definitely “no”; bacterial kinds of sinus infections aren’t contagious. Sinus infections occur if the sinus is swollen and doesn’t heal quickly.

sinus-infectionsIn contrast, the development of bacteria multiplies that result to bacterial sinus infections. So the transmission of the disease from one another person to another is not possible. You should know those common colds that succeed sinus infections.

Sometimes if you suffer from bacterial sinus infection, you may usually ask such as are sinus infections contagious. Above all you must be determine if the bacteria is really a kind of infection because it can be confused with some viral infections for the symptoms can be similar to one another.

  • Tenderness in cheekbones
  • Sneezing
  • Pain in the face
  • Cough
  • Discharge and nasal congestion
  • Bad breathe
  • Teeth pain
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fever

If you already know the symptoms you will still ask are sinus infections contagious? The answer is definitely no. What you must bear in mind is to know how persistent the symptoms are, more specifically the runny nose, cough and cold. If you feel one of the symptoms above then you must consult a doctor where he will conduct some physical test and examination like CT scan and ultrasound to diagnose bacterial infection.

Types of antibiotics cure sinus infections. Decongestants will help clear the nasal congestion and paracetamol can relief from headache and pain. If you think that are sinus infections contagious then you can consider some other treatment and sinus surgery to remove nasal polyps and enhance flow of air within the nasal cavities. You can apply hot compress on the affected area since this is an effective remedy too. Nasal irrigation and steam is also helpful to clear nasal decongestions too.

Are sinus infections contagious?

No it is not contagious. However to make people stop thinking if sinus infections are contagious, prevention is really the best solution for this. Always maintain cleanliness, not only physically, mentally, emotionally but also environmentally and also do proper hygiene to avoid having any type of infections.

Don’t forget to wash hands before eating and taking a bathe daily. Another thing is that, if you are aware that you have a weak immune system, so use your common sense stay away from people that suffers from infections such as cold. In case you developed from any symptoms of allergies, see to it that you get immediate treatment. Last things is that, always make sure that you are maintaining healthy and balanced lifestyle.

If you are thinking that are sinus infections contagious possible, maybe no maybe yes but the important thing here relies on yourself. It is you who knows everything about yourself thus before any symptoms to happen you must prevent it to avoid any health risk.

If are not totally convince that sinus infections, then searched over the web and you will find plenty of information you can acquire.

Sinus Infections: Types and Treatment

types-of-sinus-infectionsSurveys show that more than 40 million people in the US suffer from sinus infections every year. Here, the small cavities connecting your nasal passage to sinus get blocked. Sinus is a group of small cavities hidden under your eyes, cheeks and nose. Here are some helpful insights if you are someone looking for guidance in this regard.

Types of sinus infections

Sinus infection or sinusitis falls into three major categories; acute, sub acute and chronic. The first is less than 30 days old. The infection can be bacterial or viral. Even allergens or fungus can cause this trouble. The second is more than 30 days old but less than 3 months. The third is older than 3 months. And, it is the most difficult to treat. The disease is further sub-divided based on inflammation; infectious and non-infections.

Experts come up with contradicting arguments in the matter. Sub-acute sinusitis is the result of incomplete treatment for acute infection. And, the non-infectious sinusitis happen because of allergens.


Treatments for sinusitis depend on the type of infection you have. For instance, no antibiotics are prescribed if it is a viral infection.  However, if you complain of facial pain and other symptoms, you may be treated for bacterial infection. It may include antibiotics based on your physical condition and the extent of the symptoms. Chronic infection requires medications for a longer period of time. Oral steroids, anti-histamines and certain nasal sprays would help most of the time. But, unless it is established that the cause is an allergen, anti-histamines are generally avoided. They may cause dryness.


This is often prescribed as the last resort when medications fail to give relief. The surgeon opens up the path to the sinus. This improves the drainage system and minimizes symptoms. Technology has advanced a lot. Today, it can be done even on an out-patient basis. With almost no complications and scarring, surgery is now view as the safest option.

Natural remedies

Don’t live under the wrong impression that antibiotics are the ways to go for someone suffering from sinusitis. There are numerous other options. Try these natural remedies before turning to harmful medications.

  1. Bromelain supplement

Bromelain is a protein found in the stems of pineapple. You can get it as a supplement from the medical store in your area. Experts say that it has the power to speed up recovery from acute sinus infection. Make sure that you stick to the recommendations given on the product documentation.

  1. Take steam

Experience teach that vapor from hot water can moist the sinus and help you get rid of mucus and other waste reserved in your nose. If you want, you can even add a few drops of eucalyptus when having a hot shower. A hot towel too may give you relief from the symptoms.

You should also drink lots of water. The importance of water is common knowledge. It will also moist your sinus and ward off infection or any other trouble.

Sinus infections are truly annoying. Still, the tips given above will definitely help you keep the symptoms in check.

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