slovakia ice hockey team

slovakia ice hockey team

The Slovak ice hockey team represents Slovakia in the international ice hockey and is administrated by the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation.

They are ranked seventh strongest national team in the IIHF World Rankings, the international governing body of ice hockey.

Ice hockey Slovakia is one of the most victorious national teams in the world.

Presently, Róbert Švehla is the team’s general manager and Zdeno Cíger is the head coach.

In the past sixteen years, Ice hockey Slovakia has achieved four medals in the Ice Hockey World Championships including a gold medal in 2002.

In 2010, Slovak ice hockey team achieved their highest success in the winter Olympic Games, is 4th place.


Association Slovak Ice Hockey Federation
Captain Andrej Sekera
General Manager Róbert Švehla
Head coach Zdeno Cíger
Assistants Miroslav Miklošovič
Ernest Bokroš
Most games Miroslav Šatan
Top scorer
Most points


Best Ice Hockey Players of Slovakia

In the list of best ice hockey player of Slovakia, some great Slovak players’ names are come regularly at this moment such as:  Ivan Baranka, Marcel Hossa, Marian Gaborik, Vladimir Orszagh, Miroslav Satan, Pavol Demitra, Marián Gáborík, brothers Marián Hossa and Marcel Hossa, Blackhawks, Dinamo Riga, Zdeno Chára.

History of hockey in Slovakia

In 1921, the first organized ice hockey in Slovakia was played. After three years, CSSK Bratislava had played Slovakias’s first international game where they lost to Wiener EV of Austria. Ice hockey Slovakia gained a major popularity after the 1925 European Championships in Czechoslovakia.

The Ice hockey Slovakia team was formed after the fragment of Czechoslovakia, as the country was split into the Slovakia and Czech Republic. The Czechs kept control over the national team for years and even had quotas instituted to make sure a least participation of Slovak players in the Czechoslovakian national team.

While the Czech Republic were permitted to compete at the highest pool A, the International Ice Hockey Foundation (IIHF) ruled that because less players of the former Czechoslovak hockey team were Slovaks and Slovakia would mandatory to begin international play in the Pool C. However, Slovak’s started from the lower pools and got promotion to pool A in 1996.

The Slovak ice hockey team was not capable to use their National Hockey League (NHL) players for the preliminary round because of a scheduling conflict in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is mostly affected for all smaller nations but the Slovak team broadly affected on the confliction as most of their ice hockey players were coming from NHL teams.

After then the NHL had permitted to allow them only in the final medal round but Slovakia failed to succeed after finishing a disappointing 13th place. In 2006, the rules were changed for the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.


Q: When hockey started at Slovakia?

A: The first time hockey game was played in Slovakia in 1921.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Slovakia?

A: Currently, they have 9,870 Slovak Ice Hockey players which is the 0.002% of their present population.


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