so you want to take paid surveys for cash

It’s a fact that you can take paid surveys online and make cash and lots of people are already doing just that. The thing is that some people make much more than others with the free online paid survey. And some people fail at making money with the paid online survey. What separates the two? Here are a few ways to maximize your earnings from paid surveys.

  1. Use an automated form filler like Google form filler or Roboform and you can really reduce the amount of time it takes you to register at the paid survey sites and to fill out the initial profiles. By saving time on these non-paying tasks you free up more time to actually take surveys and get paid for it. Simple math, more surveys taken equals more money in your account.
  2. Join every paid survey website you can find. If you’re serious about making money with paid surveys then you should make a goal to join at least 5 new sites a week. You never know which survey sites are going to be the highest paying for you and when they might send a huge paying survey. If you’re not on their list you can’t get surveys from them and you’ll never know what you might be missing.
  3. Use a different email account just for surveys. If you send your surveys to your personal email you run the risk of getting distracted from the task of taking paid surveys. With the surveys going to their own email account all you see when you log in are survey opportunities. Plus it will help you keep more organized because you can set up folders for high paying surveys, surveys you’ve taken and are waiting to get paid for and many other things. And once you’ve signed up with several dozen paid survey sites you’ll be getting A LOT of email so it’s nice not to fill up your personal email account.
  4. Take every survey that you receive, especially in the beginning. The initial stages of working with a survey company are key to determining what surveys you’ll get from them in the future. Think of the first month or two as your probation period. The survey site wants to see if they can rely on you to reply to their surveys before sending you the more important, and higher paying, surveys.
  5. Check your email at least once a day for survey opportunities. Many paid surveys only need a set number of takers and once the quota is filled your chance is gone. Don’t miss out on a $50 survey because you weren’t in the habit of checking your paid survey email regularly.

You really can make money with the free online paid survey. There are plenty of companies willing to pay for your opinion and once you get established the money gets even easier. Plus you are in control. If you need more money simply take more paid online survey.

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