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BD best outdoor and indoor security surveillance cc camera and security camera app for android 2019

By: Peeptheplace

Peeptheplace established in March 2018. This is an Internet of Things (IoT) based solution which facilitates people’s digital lifestyle by providing a real-time view of a place he/she intends to see. This is a novel means to get snap and stream of the places where people usually reach, passes through or concerned about. Peeptheplace is now one of the best leading cc camera security surveillance systems provider in Bangladesh.

5 Technical Skills All IT Professionals Need

5 Technical Skills All IT Professionals Need

By: Mesum.Patel

Telling someone you simply “work in IT” is as vague as a doctor telling you that he or she “works with sick people.” There are several different specializations within the IT industry, and it isn’t safe to assume that a network administrator can manage a database, or that a cybersecurity expert can develop software.

Android Operating System – The Story till now

By: unmeall

The one edge that makes Android OS better than all its counterparts is the fact that it is a Linux-based […]

Open Source ERP

By: unmeall

There are lots of advantages of applying for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program within a business. It will help […]