Some incredible things to do on grandparent’s day

Some incredible things to do on grandparent’s day

Grandparent’s are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds ,wonderful stories and Love. They are someone who teaches for your hand but touches your heart. From narrating you bed time stories till you fall asleep to saving you from your parent’s scolding and reprimanding they are our real saviors. Their hearts are made of gold and have ears that listen whatever you want without even you uttering a word. They are indeed God’s greatest and sweetest Blessing showered on us.  With grandparents day around the corner, falling on this Sept’10 tell them that you genuinely love them  and are fortunate enough to be a part of their super amazing family. So celebrate and book this Sunday for them by indulging in a lot of chit- chats and gossip. Regardless to say, they are the best type of grownups. Also order cake online in Pune at this grandparents day.

So don’t you dare judge them with their grey and white hair, their aging face and wrinkles on the cheek. For their body is still adventours and full of vitality and life.

Shootout to all the grandchildren , presenting you some of the most amazing  ideas to turn their ordinary Sunday into a relished  and memorable day full of fun and joy.

  • Take them out for a movie

When was the last time your grandparent’s watched a movie together? It would surely be years back. So bring on your Lolo and Lola to the cinemas near you and let them watch their favorite movie thus recreating their old love. LAILA MAJNU would be an apt choice to add the tinge of their old, centarian love.

  • Make them listen to their favourite music with a hinge of new generation music

As stated above, Grandparents are the best grownups. They would love listening to their old, ancient music and those tunes would still linger in their heads. So compile a CD of some melodious songs from their youth coupled with some New Generation songs and serenade them with one of their favorite songs. Turn them groovy and see them almost reveling in that song. All thanks to their RJ Grandchildren.

  • Indulge in some productive activity

None else can teach and deliver yoga classes better than your own grandparents. Conscious about their health and with a desire to live longer they have immensely flexible bodies and muscles. So pack your yoga mat and chase them to their daily morning park and tell them to even teach you this “Asaan”. This might be your best indulgence with them thus bringing a broad smile on their face.

  • Bring out the chef in you and cook their favourite food

When was the last time your mother prepared and cooked something exclusively for your grand ma or grand pa? So this Grandparents day savor their taste buds with their most cherished food. Engross your whole family in this activity and let the whole family cook a few of your Grandparent’s favorite recipe or food. Involve them too in this process by letting them supervise and teach you. If you want fresh baked cake, then also order online cake delivery in Gurgaon.

  • Create a family tree

Photographs are the return ticket to those wonderful moments that we once experienced. They take you on a tour down the memory lane. So indulge in some treasure hunting thus finding and grabbing the photographs of their younger version. Let your creativity go beyond the accepted limit by creating something magnificent and exquisite for them such as a Family Tree.

So this Grandparent’s Day honor them and make them feel obliged and special. Give them a shoulder and a finger to hold to and walk together with them thus making them face this highly advanced and developed life and society with your moral support.

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