Some Novel Ways of Utilizing Instagram for Search Engine Optimization in 2019

Some Novel Ways of Utilizing Instagram for Search Engine Optimization in 2019

Businesses are considering Instagram as an integral part of their marketing strategies.

If you leverage the powerful and versatile Instagram and other such social media platforms effectively, you could successfully boost your overall SEO endeavours.

However, you need to keep in mind that Google has categorically mentioned that they are not in the habit of using social media for determining SEO rankings.

Even though social media may not be acknowledged officially as a key ranking factor, it does play a pivotal role in optimizing your overall search engine efforts.

Tracking Your Instagram Link’s Success

Consider using the effective Google URL Builder for adding tracking code right at the end of your link that is present in your Instagram profile.

As you would be ending up with a really long link, it is best to seek assistance from an effective URL shortener tool such as for creating a customized link. It is surely a good idea to give it a matching name with your unique brand for far more consistency.

When you take these special steps, you would be getting a fair idea of the exact number of people actually clicking it.

Boost in Social Engagement Hence Increase in Links & Traffic

As per, “Posting more lifestyle shots will get you more engagement on Instagram (almost overnight). While at the same time, if you do it right, it will help you build your brand visibility in the process.

Our goal with Instagram is to build brand awareness so that people go back to Google to search for who you are, what products you make, and why you’re so interesting.”

We know that once more individuals start engaging with you on Instagram, you would be gaining phenomenal popularity on this versatile platform.

When people start sharing your content with specifically their audiences, it could prove to be helpful in driving more traffic eventually, to your official website. You could then be successful in building a bigger and stronger fan base on Instagram.

When your content actually resonates with the Instagrammers who see it on their feed, they may consider using the link in their content thus, you could gain more backlinks for your website.

The backlinks and traffic volume are the key factors that are considered by search engines while evaluating the SEO rankings of a site. You could boost your followers for Instagram by creating genuine content and posting such relevant and original content regularly.

Develop Your Brand to Gain Your Domain Authority on Instagram

When brand awareness is actually widespread and people are in fact, talking about it, the search volume is bound to go up. Once the search volume goes up, you could be driving more and more traffic to your official website that will over a period of time, enhance your domain authority.

Once your domain authority is fortified, your overall SEO ranking would get a boost.

Influencer Marketing

With all substance promoting, even via web-based networking media, the content is the best. Another imaginative method to utilize Instagram for social promoting is to utilize influencers to push your image informing.

Influencers could be famous people, surely understood bloggers or other exceptionally associated individuals who have a huge after. Discover influencers on Instagram and find a rare sort of people who suit your speciality.

Connect with influencers to inquire as to whether they wouldn’t see any problems with posting content in return for charges or free product to help support your SEO. Require explicit catchphrases and hashtags, just as a tag back to your image’s Instagram account.

Utilizing influencer promoting for internet-based life is definitely not another thing, and it has worked effectively for some brands.

Use Instagram Business for Advertising

Ultimately, you can utilize Instagram for business to publicize your image’s message and increment permeability. When you’ve figured out what key expressions and hashtags will work best for your social showcasing on Instagram, you may now wander into promoting.

Instagram has a business publicizing represent any part who has Instagram set to a business account. You can look for measurements and appoint the correct target channels that will effortlessly help your SEO absent much exertion.

Approaching an opportunity to set publicizing dollars to use on Instagram business for promoting will be incredible speculation for your image’s future.


We understand that it is a fruitful endeavour to optimize your precise Instagram profile for ensuring that visitors could discover your unique content there. You wish to be engaged and active on Instagram as the boost in traffic, as well as the backlinks gained by your site due to your overall Instagram activity could boost your overall rankings indirectly.

However, hoping that Instagram would be instrumental in you reaching the heights of glory and achieving the number one position in Google seems to be unrealistic and slightly far-fetched.

Author’s Bio:

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights clients, helping them to buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.

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