steps to renovating the kitchen of your dreams

steps to renovating the kitchen of your dreams

Every homeowner has wandered the aisles of home and interior decoration stores, admiring gleaming counters and fancy faucets, wishing they belonged to her/his own kitchen. If you are one such homeowner and you are planning to renovate your kitchen, here are some tips that will help you-

Choosing the Right Faucet

There is now a huge range of faucet styles and designs that you can choose from. More than the design however, the utility of the faucet is what you should keep in mind. Buying a mixer type faucet may prove to be more convenient rather than manually adjusting hot and cold-water settings in separate taps. You could even consider wall mounted faucets as they make it easier to clean around the edges of your sink or wash basin. Upgrading and installing faucets, however, may require a certain amount of technical knowledge, meaning that a plumber might be necessary.


Your kitchen should be planned in such a way that it receives a good amount of natural light. Lighting in your kitchen is one of the most important aspects, one that you should plan first. Since the electrical plug, points and installations will have to be decided and put up before the walls are plastered and painted, it would make sense for you to plan and assess how much light you will need. This will depend upon factors like which direction your kitchen faces, how much you plan to use it and more.

Planning well and in advance will ensure that you do not end up making mistakes in the lighting that cannot be fixed later. You can always hire an interior design to do up your kitchen and bedroom. There are several professionals to provide you with fitted kitchens in York, who will do a great job for your home.

Realistically, you should also have a budget plan for your lighting just as you do for your flooring. Your lighting should be flexible enough for you to be able to create different effects depending upon your mood or the time of the day. Nowadays, you can even have different effects for your kitchen using up lights, down lights, spotlights, accent lights, shelf lights, lights of different colors and more. Discuss this aspect with your electrician to keep yourself updated with the fast changing advances in technology.

Shelves and Fixtures

A kitchen should have plenty of shelves, drawers, pantry cupboards, hooks etc. to store utensils and food items in. These can be made out of a variety of materials like wood or stone. Nowadays, there is even an option of using recycled materials in your kitchen renovation. You can combine new purchases with recycled ones like timber or stone or even recycled floors. Not only will you end up with a trendy kitchen on a relatively lower budget, you will also play your part in being more environment-friendly.

A kitchen is an important part of all homes. It needs to have a homely and warm feel to it, along with being user-friendly. Renovating and upgrading your kitchen from one of the well-reputed fitted kitchens in York companies, does not have to be an expensive task if you plan your budget and research your options well.

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