Subscribe to insurance for car of collection

You have just inherited from your uncle who left you this mythical Chenard and Walcker, which slept wisely in the bottom of the barn! Even if you use only occasionally your car of collection, you must subscribe to a specific contract of insurance.

How are you getting on?

Who can be assured for a car of collection?

The type of vehicle to be assured is very specific and requires competences in the steering wheel which differ greatly from those asked by our modern cars. That is why seriousness and experience are requested on behalf of the insured party.

To assure your car of collection, you must have more than 21 years and more than two years of license.

(These are the same criteria to use a motorbike without the bridle in 34cv.)

Other pressure, you must already be assured for a vehicle, as part of a common use. Attention, if you run in two wheels habitually: Some underwriters would like to assure you, or then in prohibitory rates.

As your underwriter is of a natural anxious, he will ask you probably if you are, physically, capable to drive. If an illness or an infirmity prevents you from it, you will not be able to assure your vehicle and you will not have the right to drive it. In that case, ask your spouse (e) to sign the contract: your jewel will be sheltered at least by flights and by fires.

What are the cars of collection accepted by the underwriters?

Although law envisages that every vehicle having more than 25 years old can be considered to be a room of collection, some younger cars can also be accepted on this type of contract. It is for example the case of serial cars very limited constructed by Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche and other marks of prestige.

What types of contract? How much does it cost?

By fulfilling conditions chi over, you prove to be serious, responsible and experienced. Fact to be assured on a vehicle of common use reassures your underwriter on your intention of using your auto of collection in a frame purely leisure.

Indeed, if you take out the Old Lady one time a month, you take fewer risks than leaving search the packs of water to the supermarket of the corner, twice a week.

So contribution on this type of contract is much more accessible. For example, Rear-view mirror Insurance offers contracts Responsibility Civilian (in the third therefore) from 18 euro a year. Options then come to come along on top to cover risks of flight and fire, of breaking of ice or a bodily guarantee. Even the comprehensive insurance is possible.

There are precautions to be taken. What are they?

First thing to be performed with to subscribe to a contract: Make value and assess your auto of collection. A serious underwriter will demand it anyway. As part of the contract, it is frequent to have the obligation to undertake a new expertise every year or every other year.

According to the state of conservation of the vehicle and of its curiosity, its value is going to evolve and contribution will be consequently re-calculated. These expertise’s content between 75 and 120 euro according to regions. Some offices also offer expertise’s on photo for less than 30 euro.

Other important point, pay particular attention to sum maximum of indemnity. Spare parts couchant a true destiny, some contracts will not be sufficient to cover expenses of repairing in case of accident or of vandalism.

Where to subscribe to insurance for your car of collection?

The majority of the companies of classical insurance offer adapted contracts. However, you can also opt for companies of insurance specialized in the vehicles of collection or the vehicles of leisure. (Green Motorbike, Mascot Insurance, Rear-view mirror Insurance …)


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