sweden ice hockey team

sweden ice hockey team

The Sweden ice hockey team also known as Tre Kronor or Three Crowns is one of the most victorious ice hockey teams in the world.

The ice hockey Sweden team administrated by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association and it is one of the strongest members of the “Big Six” along with Canada, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and the United States.

The name Tre Kronor or “Three Crowns” represent the lesser national coat arms of the Kingdom of Sweden and their national emblem which also placed on their team jersey.

In the earlier 1938, the symbol was used first time on their national team’s jersey during the Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague.


Nickname(s)Tre Kronor (Three Crowns)
AssociationSwedish Ice Hockey Association
CaptainHenrik Sedin
General ManagerTommy Boustedt
Head coachRikard Grönborg
AssistantsJohan Tornberg
Peter Popovic
Most gamesJörgen Jönsson
Most pointsSven Tumba


Best Ice Hockey Players of Sweden

In the list of best ice hockey player of Slovenia, some great Slovenian players names are comes regularly at this moment such as: Thommy Abrahamsson, Anders Andersson, Niklas Andersson, Christer Abrahamsson, Daniel Alfredsson, Åke Andersson, Bo Berglund, Lars Björn, Gert Blomé, Charles Berglund, Jonas Bergqvist, Göte Blomqvist, Sigurd Bröms, Anders Carlsson, Andreas Dackell, Ulf Dahlén, Erik Burman, Nicklas Bäckström, Johan Davidsson, Rolf Edberg, Per-Erik Eklund.

History of Ice Hockey in Sweden

In 1912, Sweden became the member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Their debut at the Olympic Games is in 1920 in Antwerp where they ended at 4th place. In 1921, Sweden was hosted the European Championships and won the Championships after that only Czechoslovakia had showed up.

Sweden is very competitive and successful in the international level, constantly positioned in the elite of the world. The Swedish National Ice Hockey Team was formed late in the 1920. The team has several accomplishments justifying their reputation. Indeed, they have won eight Olympic medals, including two gold medals in 1994 and 2006. Sweden has also won the World Championship eight times in 1953, 1957, 1962, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1998 and in 2006, as well as eighteen silver medals and fifteen bronze medals.

Finally, the team has ranked second in the 1984 Canada Cup. The Swedish Under-20, Under-18, Womens, and Womens Under-18 teams also participate regularly in the ice hockey world championships.

The team has won various medals at both the Winter Olympics and the World Championships. In 2006, they turned into the first, and the team wins both competitions in the same year.

In the 2006 Winter Olympics they won in a thrilling final match against Finland by 3–2, and the 2006 Ice Hockey World Championships by thrashing the Czech Republic in the final by 4–0. In 2013, Sweden Ice Hockey team was the first team who win the World Championships at home from the time when the Soviet Union in 1986.


Q: When hockey started at Sweden?

A: The first time hockey game was played in Sweden in 1912.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Sweden?

A: Currently, they have 67,747 Sweden Ice Hockey players.

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