switzerland ice hockey team

switzerland ice hockey team

The Switzerland ice hockey team is a beginning member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is administrated by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation.

The Switzerland ice hockey team is positioned at 7th in the IIHF world rankings.

In the 1953 World Championships the achieved the bronze medal and achieved silver medal in 2013 but they didn’t win a medal at a major ice hockey competition. In 1998, they ended at 4th place in the World Championships.

Ahead of the 2013 IIHF World Championship, the Switzerland ice hockey team scored two remarkable upsets as defeating the Czech Republic by 3–2 and shutting out Canada by 2–0 after two days later in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

They finally knock out to Sweden in the quarterfinals. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, they stunned Canada again in round robin group as they were taking the hot favorite Canadians to a shootout but lost by 1–0 for a narrow 3–2 loss.

AssociationSwiss Ice Hockey Federation/Ligue suisse d’hockey sur glace
CaptainAndres Ambühl
General ManagerRaeto Raffainer
Head coachPatrick Fischer
AssistantsTommy Albelin
Most gamesIvo Rüthemann (233)
Top scorerJörg Eberle (79)
Most pointsJörg Eberle (142)


Best Ice Hockey Players of Switzerland

In the list of best ice hockey player of Switzerland, some great Swiss players names are comes regularly at this moment such as: Mark Streit, Bibi Torriani, Damien Brunner, Jonas Hiller.

History of Switzerland Ice Hockey Team

The first ice hockey Switzerland was played in 1902 and 8 clubs in the French region of Switzerland formed their first hockey league. The Swiss Hockey Union was established in 1908 and it became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in the same year.

Switzerland has currently a total of 24,705 players which is the 0.35% of their present population. The Swiss junior ice hockey teams have also achieved medals at IIHF World Championships. The Swiss women’s ice hockey team won the only bronze medals in the European Championship in 1995 and ended 5th at the ice hockey World Championships in 1990.

Ice hockey Switzerland is moderately promotion and relegation-based. The highest level is their National League that separated in two parts as the National League A, which contains 12 teams and the National League B which also with 12 teams. Relegation and promotion exists in between these two levels. The Liga is separated into 3 regional groups, Zentralschweiz, Ostschweiz and Suisse Romande. All the leagues are also divided into groups, all of this falling into 1 of the 3 regions of the Liga.



Q: When hockey started at Switzerland?

A: The first time hockey game was played in Switzerland in 1902.

Q: How many players in hockey presently in Switzerland?

A: Currently, they have 24,705 Switzerland Ice Hockey players which is the 0.35% of their present population.


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