Technology Based Taxi Service are more Advantageous than The Normal Ones

Technology Based Taxi Service are more Advantageous than The Normal Ones

Wkhen compared to the normal cabs, choosing the app based ride benefits the people in many ways. For the past few years, the number of apps based ridesharing companies has increased to a greater extent; these services are more beneficial in many ways.A progressive step

The app based ridesharing service is a new approach in the digital age that connects the technology and a taxi ride into a single unit. With the high taxi prices, and uncomfortable ridesharing experience, the app based ridesharing company is a new evolution for the person which is hassle free and easy to book a ride and get on the ride. This is a new human progress that shows a new dimension to the society and its people.

Spend fewer pennies from your pocket

Taking a taxi ride using the app based ridesharing services is far lesser when compared to that of hailing a normal cab. A survey shows that a person spending their money on their day to day life is mainly for the cab ride which can be utilized for paying bills, a day meal or any other purpose. But hailing on an app based ridesharing service is around twenty five percent to fifty percent lesser. With lesser price the service offered by the app based ridesharing companies are higher. And even after fighting with the taxi industry, lobbyists and the legislators the companies are able to provide their service without any haste.

Eliminates the middleman from the business

One of the major reasons for the higher price of the cabs is because of the middleman involved in the business. The cost of the middlemen mostly depends on the product they are involved in, and they are the governments, lobbyists and unions. Since the app based ridesharing services are not involved with the middleman business, they often tend to put an end to the service, but were unsuccessful. The companies have no unions or lobbyists and the government regulations can do nothing to stop the people from using the service. Thus, the app based companies are eliminating the jobs of the middleman from involving in the business and therefore the people are directly able to deal with the company instead of the middleman. This new approach brought by the app based ridesharing companies set a new trend in the industry.

A trusted source

People find it very difficult to take a taxi ride during the busy hours of work and sometimes are not sure whether they would get the ride to their destination. The cab service is unreliable and very difficult at times and the customer is not sure of their ride, but all these difficulties disappear with a click from the rider’s mobile phone. The only thing the rider has to do is to download the ridesharing app on their mobile phone and register themselves in the service. So, when the rider wishes to book a ride they can simply enter the pickup and drop point and the app will display the riders with the available taxis at that time and the riders are ensured with the reliable ride within the next five minutes. Therefore, the riders can no longer wait for hours to hail a cab instead; they can make any kind of plans and are ensured with the best taxi riding experience.

The accessible riding experience

With the help of the app based ridesharing service, the riders can book their desired ride using the app from their mobile phone and the nearby driver responds to the request. The moment when the driver accepts the request, the rider gets the information about the driver so that they can be aware of the person who is going to ride them. The payment is also made simple with the help of these apps based services, so that the riders need not waste their time in search of the changes or wait until the transaction gets completed because the fare for the rides are automatically taken from the rider’s account with the help of the credentials submitted by them during the registration process. So, the process is very simple, the rider has to book and hail in the taxi.

Vehicles are rider’s choice

The vehicles used by the app based ridesharing companies depend on the city in which it operates and other few specifications. In a rider choose a normal ride the vehicle is a four seated vehicle and if they wish, they can request for a higher end vehicle that comes with a higher end vehicle with luxury cars and the price and the offers depend on the plan chosen by the rider. Some of the ridesharing companies have a specific age restriction on the vehicles they have and in some places, they do not. So, the riders have the option to select the type of vehicle they wish to ride on.

Transparency in the business

The normal cab drivers raise the price of the ride if they come to know that the rider is not from that part of the area, but the rider does not face this kind of situation when they opt for the app based ridesharing service. The riders receive a bill at the end of their ride in which they will be able to see the details of the price charges for their service including the name of the driver on the receipt. Therefore, the driver will be aware of the fact that they are not cheated by the cab driver and that they have paid the right amount for the ride.

No tipping policy

Even if the rider experiences a bad ride, they are demanded by the drivers for extra money in the name of tipping. When the ride is not pleasant with and if the rider does not wish to pay the amount, they can really avoid it if they choose to use the app based ride sharing service. Many ridesharing service like Uber follow a non-tipping policy, according to this policy, the rider need not pay an extra penny from their purse as a tip. And if the driver fails to follow this rule, they might even lose their job. The riders need not worry about whether to tip or not when they use the app based service.

Rating the drivers

The app based ridesharing services have a policy in their business that allows the riders to rate the drivers according to their experience in their ride. After the end of the ride, the rider receives a rating page in which they can rate the driver according to their experience while hailing the taxi. A driver who gets a good review becomes a professional and reputed driver, while the person who receives bad rating losses their job. So, the drivers will behave in good deeds so that they can be working under the ride sharing company. But in the normal cabs, the riders who have had bad experience cannot complain about their difficulties and there are no proper system for the riders who ride taxis.

Offers and deals

The app based ridesharing service offers a lot of offers, deals and promotions often that, sometimes the ride might cost lesser than the normal price. And on special occasions and festivals the app based ridesharing companies offer many deals to the riders. Whenever the company starts their service in a new location, they offer discounts on the rides. The traditional riders often get many deals and discounts whenever there is a new promo deals. This benefits the company, drivers and the riders as a whole.

The GPS track system

The app based companies have the GPS tracking system in all the vehicles under their service that allows them to keep track of the vehicles. This is mainly for the security purpose that allows the company to keep in track of the vehicle from the moment when the rider is picked up from the start point to the destination. It also helps the drivers to follow the route by showing the easiest and shortest ways to reach the destination.

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