TEN Foods That Will Reduce Your Weight

Health desk: An increase in weight is a huge headache for all. Bulking up even a little bit becomes a major reason behind depression. We sacrifice our sleep by over thinking about many ways to reduce our weight. We start doing everything from going to the gym to crash diets. But are you aware of the fact that by eating certain healthy food regularly and working out for thirty minutes daily can help you stay fit always? Let us find out about these food:

  1. Oats : Oats may not be very tasty, but it is quite helpful in reducing weight. It reduces hunger. Oats contain fibre which helps to keep the body’s cholesterol level under control.
  2. Eggs : Eggs are highly enriched in proteins and it also has a low level of calorie. Eggs aid the building up of healthy muscles and increase the important amount of good cholesterol.
  3. Apples : Apples contain high amount of antioxidants and various other important nutrients. The main thing is that apples contain Pectin which keeps the body free from fat.
  4. Green Chili : Green chilies contain Capsaicin which helps the growth of the growth cells in the body and keeps away calories.
  5. Garlic : Garlic contains Allicin that blocks the bacteria that aids fat build up in the body and prevents unnecessary cholesterol from building up
  6. Honey : Honey is the most useful ingredient when it comes to reducing weight. Add honey to warm water and drink it every morning. You’ll understand the difference yourself.
  7. Green Tea : Green tea is also quite useful in reducing weight. Green tea contains antioxidant switch which aids weight loss. To get good results, drink two cups of green tea daily.
  8. Wheat leaves : The juice of wheat leaves helps control the metabolism of the body and thus reduces weight
  9. Tomato : Tomatoes help to reduce the body fat quickly. Tomatoes also protect us from cancer. So keep tomatoes in the everyday food menu.
  10. Dark Chocolate : Dark chocolates contain Flavonoid and anti inflammatory agents that help to reduce the level of Cholesterol in the blood. This increases the Serotonin in the blood and help reduce fats.


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