Texas Holdem Strategy

Starting Hands Strategy

High Pairs: (AA-TT): Bet and re-raise pre-flop, you don’t want to see more then 2 players with you after the flop.

Ace and High Card: (AK – AT): Bet pre-flop to make other players fold, bet after the flop even if you missed

Small Pairs: (99-22): Call if you catch the set on the flop great, if not check-fold.

Faces Cards: (KQ’s, KJ, etc.): You can raise from late position if no one bet before you, call in middle position, but don’t over play these hands on early position.

Ace and Low Suited: (A2 – A5): Try to limp in for cheap, if you have straight draw or flush draw on the flop it’s good chase only if you have good pot odds .you can make aces up too, play it strong .

Suited Connectors: (56s, 89s, etc.): Playing a lot suited connectors is wrong in limit Texas Holdem, you can make very strong hand when you catch the cards you need, but, most of the time you won’t catch them, you can play suited connectors only when 5-6 players called before you other then that You just won’t get good pot odds try to avoid these kinds of hands on limit Texas holdem.

Types of Poker Players:

There are 4 main types of poker players: loose-passive, loose-aggressive, tight-passive, tight-aggressive.
* Loose vs. Tight- refer by the range of hands that the player plays pre-flop, the more cards you play the more loosely you are.
* Passive vs. Aggressive – refer by the time you bet and raise, it doesn’t matter how much loose or tight you are. When you do play, are you calling most of the time or bet/raise a lot of times? If you raise and bet a lot, you are aggressive type of player.

Loose Passive:

Those players play a lots of hands, but they call almost every time they don’t bet or raise much, they will chase draws even when they have bad pot odds, when passive player check-raise you, he have something almost every time, because they are rarely bluff. When you play against them you need to bet with decent hands, but when you have draw, just check they will check for you most of times, if you catch then bet, if not just check it down until the end .

Loose Aggressive:

Players that play in the loose aggressive style are players that tend to play a lot of hands and they are bet and raise a lot of times, when you play against those kind of players you need to loosen up a bit, if you say to yourself “I will wait till I have great hand and then I will raise him” – you are on a sure road to lose money. So what you need to do? Get looser against those players, you have wider starting hand selection you can play against them, you need to bluff them once in a while to show them that you don’t scared, also call them with ace high or king high once in a while so they will think that you going to call them with everything and they will try to bluff you less often, they will try to bluff the more tight players because that what they are looking for. also remember that you don’t have to play with them at all, if you have 2 or 3 player like this in you table, and you feel uncomfortable , go out from that table and search for new table where you can feel more comfortable to play your game and win .

Tight Passive:

Those players don’t play lots of hands and when they do play they call most of the time, if you see loose passive player raise, that a red flag for you, he probably have big hand. You can bluff these players more then every other types of players, cause they are so scared of losing money, when playing against those player you need to bet, bet, bet, when they call you it’s mean they have a decent hand and they want to “milk” you betting into the pot, if you have called post-flop with a draw hand, don’t try to bluff on 4th street, just check, they will let you chase for free most of the times.

Tight Aggressive:

The term tight aggressive most of the times refer to the best poker players, this style considered as the best poker style, but I don’t think this is exactly the term I want to use, because this type of players are everything, they passive, aggressive tight and loose at the same time, that’s what makes them so good, they know when to bluff when to bet when to slow down they are very unexpected, other player always wonder what cards they have because they know how to mix-up their game . if you want to be what called “tight aggressive” you need to understand the other players mind and adjust to it.

Final note: Mastering this method may take some time, but this is a must for every poker player. Don’t give up keep doing it you’ll become better at this.

Position in Poker:

Position in poker determined by the dealer-button, the button moves clock-wise every time a hand is over that way each player plays in all positions. It is very common to divide the all the position into 4 parts:

Early Position (1-3 players):

It’s really hard to play from this position, because you don’t get to see what other player doing, but they have to see how you play, so it is easier for them to out-play you. If you choose to play tight-aggressive. It will be the best if you play only big hands like AA’s KK’s QQ’s AK’s JJ’s and if you play those hands, you know you have to bet or raise, don’t just flat call .

Middle Position (4 – 5 players):

Here you already get to see some other players act before you do, that of course give you advantage over them, if you see passive player raise in early position it means he have great starting hand, if everyone folds to you, you can loosen-up a bit and play more hands, but don’t go too much crazy here, there are still few players that acts after you.

Late Position (6+ players):

The latest the better, here you can maximize your profits and take advantage on the weakness of your opponents, you get to see how every player played pre-flop except the players on the blinds, you need to loose-up from late position and play more aggressively, if you are what call “on the button” after the flop you’ll act last, that why been “on the button” it’s so powerful.

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