The 7 Steps to Aid in the Process of Breast Milk Expressing

It can be a difficult task for mothers to express milk from their breast into the baby bottles.

To help you in the process you should follow the preparations listed below:

  1. When you begin expressing you should choose a time of day when the breasts are full. Most women find the most common time to begin expressing is in the morning. Every three hours for about thirty minutes you should expect to collect milk.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and systematically wash all the pumping equipment immediately after each use.
  3. When pumping your milk into the baby’s bottle you should select a place that is calm and comfortable without any distraction. If you are at work and you want privacy you should have a private office that you can use.
  4. Before you start pumping your breast you should drink a glass of liquid such as milk, water, soup or tea. To stimulate let down warm drinks are more beneficial than cold drinks. You may want to have a drink if it helps you relax even though it is not considered a pre-express liquid.
  5. Before starting to extract your milk you should adopt some kind of relaxation such as meditation, television or listening to music.
  6. While you pump your breasts you can look at your baby’s photo or have them in the room with you. This will often help you overcome trouble stimulating let down.
  7. Ask your doctor for oxytocin nasal spray if you are having difficulty finding pumping results. This will help induce let down.


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