The Magical Way Of Losing Weight Without Reducing Food

Many people are stressed because of being overweight. Some people reduce eating and welcome new issues while reducing weight. But you can also reduce weight without reducing food intake, that is dieting.

Laughing Reduces Weight!
Laughing hard daily for ten minutes reduces weight. Laughing increases immunity and brings positive changes to blood circulation. Recent research has shown this. Researchers have said that an adult laughs an average of eight times a day whereas kids laugh up to three hundred times.

Do The Household Work Regularly
Doing the simple household work for at least thirty minutes a day is also helpful. Cleaning the floor, changing bed sheets- these kind of works not only helps keep weight under control but also reduces weight.

Avoid Spicy Food
The less spicy the food, the better. The alkaled in spices fuel weight gain. Therefore, no matter how much you love spicy food, if you want to lose weight, then it is better to avoid these. But chili and cinnamon has advantages. These reduce the sugar level in blood. Cinnamon even reduces weight.

Kissing Is A Medicine!
Kissing for a minute destroys about twenty calories in the body. Thirty eight muscle tissues of men work while kissing. Let’s say it is even an exercise for the mouth.

Ride Buses, Trains and Trams
Going to the workplace in an air conditioned vehicle may be comfortable, but it increases weight. Learn to tolerate the physical annoyance of public transport and you will realize that your weight is not increasing much. Tolerating the everyday struggle of running to catch a bus or train for thirty minutes a day burns an average of two hundred and seventy calories.

Watch Horror Movies
The researchers at Westminster University have stated that watching horror movies also reduce weight. They said that watching one horror movie burns an average of one hundred and thirty three calories. They said that while watching scary scenes, adrenaline is released in the body. This process also burns fat

The best way to lose weight other than dieting is sex. Having sex once burns about eighty to three hundred and fifty clories.


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