The Magnificent Seven 2016 Movies Trailer And Download

The Magnificent Seven 2016 Movies Trailer And Download

Thriller Movie : “The Magnificent Seven”
Seven Gunmen who don’t knows each other who lives in difference places. Generally come together for helping a humble village against the rule of savage thieves
Directed by Antonie Fuqua
Script written by Akira Kurosawa
Shinobu Hashimoto
Artists : Chris Pratt ,
Ethan Hawke ,
Denzel Washington

Starred by Chris Pratt ,
Vincent D’Onofrio,
Jason Momoa,
Jason Momoa,
Matt Bomer

Production House : “The Metro Golden Mayer, Columbia Pictures, L Star Capital.

Table of Contents

Story line

Actually the director of the movie Antoine Fuqua is a modern and classic director. He Brings his classic vision to a modern story in this movie The Magnificent Seven. The old town of Rose Creek is used for the movie which is under the deadly command by a industrialist Bartholomew Bogue.

The people of the poor village was searching for a saint to save them. In this position The seven gunsmen were came here to protect them and the people took them so closely as they can. The seven bounty hunters, The hired guns and the Outlaws. The seven men came there only for the money but after reaching there they had another mission.

A they prepare the town for the battle in violent showdown when the opposite party heard about their coming. And the seven mercenaries search themselves challenge for over the rest of money.


The movie is a sequal of old movie of the same name that released in 1960 on October 23. In that time it was achived a great achievement. Now the director wants to release another sequal which is totally classic. Some nice taglines the movie has.such as “Justice has a number”.


The movie seems like totally different. It has a mix of Action and Western pattern.

Movie Motion rating

The movie is rated by PG-13 for extended and vehement of the Western disturbance. It has also added some extra things such as Historical smoking, some different language that may not in used before in its sequal movie, and many materials that is suggested by the seniors.

Movie Details

Basically the movie location is USA. Firstly the movie is not any doubt another language expect English. In many city in USA the movie also known as Los Siete Magnificos.

Filming Location

The movie has take many time . But good news is director wants a different move that the audience should make them proud.He is searching for a place that is fit for the movie and he 3 places for the movie is Baton Rough, ouisiana and USA.

Movie Budget

The total estimated movie budget is very big . The budget of the movie is $107,000,000

Technical Things

Total Movie Length 132 min, Which is a Colorful movie Quality, Aspect Ratio used 2,35: 1
Some Great Things About The Movie


Vasquez was casting for the role of Wagner Moura, Who is one of the great Seven. But some another reason the recast of the movie and the role was took over by Manuel Garcia Rulfo.


Widow : He made them murdered of my husband, he will finish them
Sam chisolm : So you wanna take revenge?
Widow: I seek uprightness But I want to take revenge and I will.

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