The Most Important 10 Tips on “How to Keep Your Baby Safe”

No matter how caring and attentive you are towards your newborn baby you still don’t want to see them get hurt or injured so it is best to take extra precautionary measures to prevent injuries.

The following are the ten most helpful tips to protect your infant and you should always keep them in mind:

  1. Even if your pet is faithful and harmless you should never leave a baby alone with a pet.
  2. Do not shake your toddler even if it is just to playfully throw them up in the air.
  3. When you are out shopping, taking an evening stroll or sitting in the playground you should be vigilant over your baby so that kidnappers don’t have a chance to take away your baby.
  4. While giving your baby a bath you should place a towel or rubber placement underneath them so that the chance of the baby slipping is decreased.
  5. When you are at the wheel of a car you should always make your baby sit. Do not talk on the cell phone or eat while driving with a child in the car since this can cause distractions and your baby could get hurt in an accident.
  6. Anything around the house including your belongings and your child’s toys should not have any types of strings. This is because babies have a penchant for grabbing the strings and they can accidentally choke. In the babies vicinity, you should keep all string-like material out of the way for safety and it is even a good idea to hide telephone cords.
  7. When you are not around you shouldn’t let your baby go near the window. Always keep a baby away from open windows.
  8. When you hire a babysitter it is best to make sure they are above the age of sixteen. Infant safety and CPR are two good traits for babysitters to have.
  9. Never allow a child who is below six years of age to be alone with your baby. Children below six have a tendency to play roughly with newborns since they think they are dolls.
  10. While changing your babies clothes you should be attentive to them and don’t turn your back even if it for a second since they can roll over and harm themselves.


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