The Most Important 8 Tips on How to Keep Your Baby Safe

In the United States, food poisoning is the most common source of illness. On the other hand, more than any other illness, it can be easily prevented. Babies are completely dependent on your cleanliness and care since they are easily susceptible to germs, so you should follow the advice below:

  1. Before you handle your baby or any of your belongings you should wash your hands first. Make sure your baby’s food and dishes are washed properly. Before you handle your baby you should keep yourself clean.
  2. The jars with the baby’s food should we washed with water and a piece of damp cloth used to clean the dust.
  3. The enzymes and bacteria from the saliva will spoil remaining food in the jar if you feed your newborn directly from the food jar. If it is the last meal in the jar then you can do this.
  4. When you prepare food or taste food for freshness you should always use a clean spoon so that your saliva doesn’t spoil the food in the jar.
  5. When opening your baby’s food can you never use a rusty can opener. A non-rusted and clean can opener should be the only one you use.
  6. While you feed your baby you should peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables since the toxins such as pesticides will be ingested by the baby. You don’t have to worry about peeling away the skins if you buy foods that are organically grown. For your baby, this can even be healthier.
  7. To avoid salmonella you should always thoroughly cook the eggs for your baby.
  8. Keep dry foods, cereals and baby food jars in a storage area away from the oven heat. They should be kept in a place that is dry and cool.


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