The process of SEO do relay on what things?

Please submit your site for reconsideration. We will use Google Webmaster Tools in the “Message Center” to inform you about the latest status of your application. If you are found to be particularly unpleasant case, you’re welcome to submit DMCA applications, statements related content ownership, and requested the deletion of other sites from Google’s index.

Generally speaking in the same site, there is the problem of copying the contents; Google will use their own algorithm to find a version of it that good to put the search results.

If there are deceptive practices, that is, for Google, Google Adwords Services or other search engines to cheat, then Google will not relent, it will be handled directly after confirmation.

When the site was copying someone else, and the occurrence of duplicate content, Google can solve this problem of confidence. Is plagiarism ranking went to the front of the creators of this is to allow the author very unhappy place, and then submit DMCA has become an effective means and this is what I have to take a copycat.

In such a situation, whether it is content to copy or duplicate content, not a good thing, to try to avoid this from happening. Google updated its Administrators Guide, today I introduce you to a little bit in this regard content. The current Administrators Guide section, with no previous versions different principles, but in terms of quality guidelines – specific guidelines section does a more detailed explanation, and refinement. Do not make installing viruses, Trojan horses, or other barware.

Today saw the Google Webmaster blog published Chinese Google Chinese Webmaster blog: How do we deal with the garbage site to report. Then Google blackboard instant reprinted article Google Webmaster Central – Google Chinas blog: How do we deal with the garbage site to report? As a website builder, and a search engine optimization researcher, I prefer to see every one of my garbage site from a search engine’s index removed…

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