the several benefits of using melamine tableware

We have been using melamine tableware since our childhood days, when we used the old plastic trays at the grade school cafeteria. Melamine tableware, with time, has become common in everyday life and is being used everywhere because of its longevity and sustainability against rough use. Earlier the melamine tableware was limited to restaurants and cafeterias because of its sturdy nature and today even the basic plastic dinnerware is a part of every household.

There are several benefits of using melamine which are listed below.

  • The best part about using melamine is that it can be termed indestructible even after severe rough use and hence is so popularly used in restaurants and cafeterias.
  • The durability of the melamine table ware is the most popular part of it because mothers do not worry about their children dropping it on the floor as it will not break and will only require a minor clean up. It serves well as a picnic plate because of its durability and sturdiness and owing to its light weight, they can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Another benefit of using melamine is that they are heat resistant. You can buy melamine plates for your children as well. There are several themes for children’s melamine tableware. Children’s favorite cartoon characters are etched on them and if food is served to them on their fancy plates with their favorite cartoon characters on the table ware, they finish their food quickly without making any fuss. However, it is not only restricted to the children but adults have themed table ware too.
  • The strength of the melamine dinner ware makes it very popular amongst everyone because it can take numerous beatings for ages and still be presentable at a barbeque party. It can be heated but it is not recommended to be put inside the oven or the microwave because it can only tolerate temperatures till 210 degrees beyond which the resin becomes unstable and toxic.
  • Melamine table ware is extremely safe to use but it is recommended that they be hand washed or placed on the top of the dishwasher rack so that the exposure to high temperature water can be avoided.

It is always recommended that you buy melamine ware for regular use because firstly they are affordable, friendly, and durable, has enough strength, heat resistant and comes in various colors, sizes, shapes and themes that attract every user. The best part is one does not need to worry about plates and dishes breaking anymore because melamine is not easy to break. Moreover, there are many brands which offer good quality dishware and it is imperative for the purchaser to be aware of the fake melamine dishware available in the market too, in order to make the right buying decision.

It is also recommended that before buying one must look at the certifications received by the company confirming whether they have adhered to strict regulations and standards set up by the federal government health departments. Once you are assured of the good quality of your melamine table ware, you can go ahead and purchase your dishware that will last you a very long time.

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