The Weight Reducing Formula

Everyone loves to stay slim; and staying slim does not require eating, but eating healthy. To reduce your weight or to keep your weight constant, firstly you have to be determined and set your target. To keep your body healthy you can just eat healthy food in the correct amounts instead of not eating. If you are a foodie and you want to reduce your food habits, let’s see how you can do so:

Eat Normal Food
Eat seasonal fruits everyday and prioritize colorful fruits. Prioritize wheat and barley products in your food menu and avoid boiled flour bread. Monitor the amount of calorie intake every day. Carbohydrate enriched food, oily food, such as pickle, pie, flat bread, sugar water, sweet drinks, sweets, gelatin, milk cream (the layer that forms on the top of boiled milk), cream, ice cream, chocolate, bakery food, banana, grapes, dates, mangos, jackfruit, potato, oram, pumpkin, peas, corn, pulses, hot Chanachur, patty cake, coconut, fast food, Chinese, Pilau, Korma, Rejala etcetera has to be removed from your food menu.

Change Your Food Habit Gradually
If you want to do all these overnight, it is not possible. You have to change your food menu gradually. If you make a change to your menu all of a sudden, you may fall ill, so you have to be realistic while planning how to change it. First add a vegetable or salad to your menu or start using cooking oil.

Keep On Trying To Bring Change Every Time
Keep on trying your best to develop your food habit or bring a positive change to it every time. No one can do anything perfectly, so just keep trying your best. So drink water before eating. This will fill your stomach and prevent eating too much. You have to keep trying to bring changes like this.

To get your body in the correct weight, it is important to be careful about your food. Other than this you can try to follow diet charts for your weight to stay healthy. The most important thing is self awareness. Self awareness is the key to change your food habit.


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