Three small deeds that will help reduce your excess weight

A little extra weight creates a lot of problems. Weight is definitely linked to looks but we must not forget that it is also linked to our health. The body’s health greatly depends upon the correct weight of the body. If weight increases, different parts of the body begin to face problems, health problems of the heart increases, cholesterol problems and many other kinds of problems are detected. Thus, everyone should be alert about an increase in weight.

Steps that can easily reduce weight should be taken and these should be followed regularly to maintain the correct weight. Let us learn about three small deeds that help reduce weight and help maintain the correct weight.

Lemons squeezed into a glass of warm water

In 2008, The Journal of Biochemical Nutrition published in their journal:

“The polyphenol molecules in lemons act as a barrier against fat build-up and is also helpful in keeping away fat. Not only that, it is also suitable for diabetes patients.”

Having one glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon every morning will keep your body fat free and fresh. But never drink more than one glass every morning.

Drinking too much of this may cause dehydration and tooth enamel decay. So make a rule of drinking one glass of this every morning.


Walking and Physical Exercise

The American National Weight Control Registry carried out an investigation involving four thousand people where it was observed that the people who walk or exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes tend to lose up to thirty pounds a year when compared to other people.

So, get up every morning and arrange for some time to exercise, go for a walk or go to the park for jogging. Fat molecules will not get a chance to accumulate in your body!


A breakfast enriched in proteins

Breakfast should include food items enriched in proteins. This helps to reduce weight. Proteins keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and reduces hunger. If you are less hungry, you will naturally eat less. This will reduce your weight.

The researchers at Biofortis Clinical Research and The University of  Missouri, Department of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition said “Protein enriched food tend to contain less calorie when compared to other kinds of food and has a higher nutritional value, so this helps reduce weight and maintain a healthy body at the same time.” So instead of having carbohydrate enriched food such as rice, flat bread and bread for breakfast, have some protein enriched food.


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