Top 10 Auction Sites

  1. eBay : This is the most popular auction site on the Web featuring the widest selection of auctions and categories available. You can find about anything on the eBay site from home products to Automobiles.
  2. uBid : uBid is a leader in online auctions that delivers a wide assortment of discount merchandise from certified sellers including Sony, Dell, Gateway and more.
  3. Bidz : Find authentic brand name jewelry, watches, and much more at Bidz. Quality jewelry at discount prices are available for anyone to bid on.
  4. Overstock Auctions : Online Auctions from Overstock featuring jewelry, watches, coins, clothing, antiques and consumer electronics.
  5. Arrow Outlet : Arrow Outlet features huge discounts on technology products and gadgets all in a penny auction format. Register, get credits, and start getting deals on computers, tablets, cameras, phones and more.
  6. Government Auctions : Shows you a wide range of upcoming and current sources where you can profit, or otherwise get great deals at Government and Police auctions.
  7. Auto Auction Center : Find auctions in every state at the Auto Auction Center with cars and trucks starting at $100 bids with discounts of up to 95% off retail.
  8. : specializes in excess inventory closeouts including computers, office equipment, electronics and more.
  9. Gov-Auctions : Gov-Auctions is one of America’s most trusted & largest resources for Government and Police, live and online car auctions of Government pre-owned and seized cars, trucks, and SUV’s.
  10. Car Auction Inc : Car Auction Incoffers unlimited access to secret seized car, truck, suv, motorcycle auction listings in your area. Used cars and trucks of all types available up to 90% under kelly bluebook value!

Buying From Auction Sites

If you’ve never bought anything from an auction site you may want to familiarize yourself with the process before diving in. Generally you setup an account that allows you to place bids on merchandise that is listed from sellers and vendors that have placed listings. Normal auctions are where there is a set time limit for the auction to expire and the highest bidder wins. There are also fixed price auctions and buy it now type auctions where a certain price is set and you can make a purchase if you are the first one that is interested.

Our top ten auction sites list has a wide range of auction sites that feature the most popular places to get bargains and deals. Make sure to look at the policies for each site before placing bids, and above all have fun!


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