Top 10 Ebook Readers

Here is our list of the top 10 ebook readers that are available. Compare the different options below and see which one works best for you.

  1. Kindle Wireless Reading Device – 6″ Display : Sleek, portable, and easy to use this Kindle is the most popular Ebook reader for a reason.
  2. Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7″ Display) : This is the newer Kindle version that is larger for those wanting to read ebooks easier.
  3. Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition – Black (PRS600BC) : This is Sony’s top option for reading ebooks on the go.
  4. EctacojetBook e-Book Reader : Simple and easy to use basic ebook reader from Ectaco that is worth looking into.
  5. Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition – Silver (PRS600SC) : The silver version of the PRS600SC Sony Ebook reader.
  6. RCA eBook Reader (REB1100) : This reader from RCA is functional and works well for most ebooks.
  7. Franklin E-book Reader eBookMan EBM-911 : This reader from Franklin features several features and a good design.
  8. Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital e-Reader System (Silver) : Another reader from Sony that provides a great way to view ebooks.
  9. PhotoCo 7″ Widescreen Photo Share Reader : Basic photo viewer that can be used as an ebook reader.
  10. BookeenCybook Opus e-Book Reader : This ebook reader from Bookeen is both stylish and functional.

What is an e-book reader exactly? It can be defined as an electronic hand held device that allows you to view ‘ebooks’ or electronic books in the palm of your hand.

Ebook readers have to be big enough to allow you to comfortable read the text yet small enough to be convenient. Most current ebook readers use a technology called electronic ink which has a few advantages for this type of display.


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