Top 10 Travel Destinations to Pursue Your Master’s Degree

Top 10 Travel Destinations to Pursue Your Master’s Degree

A lot many students opt for the study abroad option and for varying reasons as well. It can earn you better living, creating better opportunities for securing high paying jobs in your own country. Similarly, you can have a chance at actually being able to shift to another place and find work that you love. Mixing business and pleasure can actually work pretty well if you choose your education destination which offers more than a degree. Each place has its own flavour, history and culture, and it can be immensely fulfilling to be able to make learning an actual pleasure. With Xfinity Internet giving you an access to a world of knowledge, you can always know and be clear about your options.

To give you an idea, here are 10 such countries that do not just offer an excellent education, but are also wonderful locations for all the adventure lovers.

  • Spain

It’s all about diversity when it comes to Spain. The festivals and siestas, from hiking adventures to exotic beaches, Spain hosts thousands of students and tourists alike. Be it for the international studies or the love of Spanish, students flock to this beautiful country to indulge in food, wine and sun as well. Let go of your inhibitions and explore the community and culture.

  • Italy

Immaculately tailored suits and elegant parties is what comes to mind when you talk about Italy. It offers sublime cuisine, a beautiful language with a powerful history, making certain that it is your Go-To destination for not just education. Offering local cultural studies, arts and business disciplines, Italy makes sure that there is something for everyone. Last but not the least, there are delightful gelatos in unimaginable flavours and colours.

  • Germany

It offers an excellent education with the opportunity of learning a new culture in an excellent environment. Think of snowy landscapes and adventure walks, festivals and castles. It would be better to learn some German beforehand as that would be extremely helpful in understanding the locals. There’s a lot of dedication that exists not only the institutions but also the individual faculty members as well as the students. There are some amazing scholarships so if you’re on a budget; Germany may hold the key for you. In addition to that, it is a great place for internships, both academic and otherwise because of the presence of some world-renowned industries.

  • France

Thinking about France brings to mind sunlit walkways and romantic evenings. It has been a tradition to study in France for the best higher educational system. It invites art geeks and food connoisseurs from around the world to bask in the breathtaking glory that this beautiful city offers. From its lyrical language to high-end fashion game, France is an adventure that beckons to all. There are excellent programs that are offered in French and English so the diversity makes it a lot easier to survive in bigger cities like Paris. However, we would recommend that you get to learn some basic French if you plan to pursue a university a little away from the mainstream.

  • Australia

Home to the world’s best universities, Australia is also a destination to look forward to in terms of travelling and exploration. There is the Great Barrier Reef to swim in and be amazed by the colourful underwater life, hiking and sunny beaches. It offers majors in all subjects but most of the focus is on business, science and humanities genres. Beautiful weather is another plus to Australia. The climate is temperate so it is summer all year long. North America and Europe have an entirely different academic calendar so students coming from those parts may get a little edgy with not being able to visit back home during holiday seasons.

  • Japan

It’s the world of high-tech gadgets and electronics, rich cultural heritage, amazing seafood and beautiful architecture. From state of the art comforts to age-old traditions, Japan has something to offer to anyone. It can be expensive so learning the language and keeping a check on the budget can get you through.

  • Argentina

From the ever expansive and amazing Iguazu waterfall to metropolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina is simply wonderful, as both a travel destination as well as some excellent education opportunities. There are tracking and hiking options for those with the love of outdoors and some amazing vineyards for an evening in the countryside. You will find strong Spanish and Italian influences throughout the country.

  • Costa Rica

Having a Latin American culture, this is an ideal location for those who want to travel while staying inside the U.S. The country has a unique blend of flavours with outdoor experiences as well as the urban city feel that is an immersive cultural experience. The travelling is not as expensive and the universities are good, and if you have a love for Spanish, Costa Rica is the perfect place for you.

  • United Kingdom

Yes, it is definitely one of the most expensive places in the world to go to for studying but it also plays host to the most top-class universities in the world. You can actually find a good deal by researching your options and looking for scholarships. Moreover, if you choose any other city except London, your choices will become wider with far more potential. It offers history, natural scenic beauty, museums and fairs and there is no language barrier. The little problem may come with the different dialects of English but even that is adaptable.

    10) Canada

While having the ultimate benefit of having your master’s degree recognized all around the world, Canada is also affordable and you can earn to support yourself during your stay. Cities like Montreal and Ottawa are quite European in their style and the study cafes with their amazing food are just the thing to go to when looking for a complete experience.

Having an education abroad simply widens the scope of your mind. It creates better options for work and you can be better equipped to deal with work situations in multinational companies if you’ve had an international influence.

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